by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

One of Tabula Rasa's unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

The Valverde Pools Targets of Opportunity mission begins with Scout Ryan in the Snakepit just east of the landing platform. This mission consists of 8 objectives. Each objective completed will award you with a different title, and gets you one stop closer to earning another clone token. The following will provide you a list of all 8 requirements, and what you need to know to complete them.

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Advanced Juggernaut
Beats on the AFS

Pools Exterminator: Kill 40 Daemon Pups - This objective is completed by finding and eliminating 40 Daemon Pups. Now we all know that killing 40 Pups means we'll very likely be killing their 40 Hunter friends. The best place to find hunters is pretty much all over the place. Control Point assaults/defenses and the Bane base around the Eloh Obelisk both seem to have decent concentrations of them.

Hunters Hunter: Kill 10 Named Bane - Ah it's the obligatory assassinate a number of named Bane infantry mission we like to do for most TOO's. The pools one will require to drop TEN of these bad boys in various locations.

  • Cainynix - This named Howler wanders from the Weapons Range all the way to the Eloh Obelisk base so just keep your eyes opened. He doesn't bring any friends but does have a ton of hitpoints so bring the appropriate weaponry.
  • Cavalon - This Shield Drone patrols with a number of Bane infantry in the forest near -310, 471 (where I found him anyway). Having a tougher than normal shield drone makes for an interesting fight so bring an EMP weapon and kill him early on.
  • Goriam - This named Amoeboid wanders northeast of the Bane Guard Station. Bring laser weapons if you want to make quicker work of him.
  • Grumble - This annoying Treemite brings a whole swarm of his buddies on you when you shoot at him. I found their swarm just southeast of the Retread "pyramid" camp around -202, 592.
  • Iceram - This is a named Predator that likes to patrol near the path to the Hermit mountain on the eastern side. I found him around -429, 528 and make sure to bring your EMP weapons.
  • Irix - This named Thrax soldier hangs out in the northeastern area of the zone with all the other Bane near the Barracks. Did we say, near... I think we meant IN them. You'll have to fight your way through a number of Bane to get to him.
  • Krammitron - This is a named Strider, and if that isn't enough to pucker up your butt then...well you have no fear. Krammitron wanders out in the hills/craters near the Lamna Armory among other Striders. Bring...guns....lots of guns.
  • Lililax - Another Thrax soldier this infantryman wanders southeast of the Obelisk base and has lots of friends with him.
  • Oakril - Oakril is an irritating Tree Lurker that throws poisonous monkey poo. If you start from the Plateau entrance and hug the left wall it's near impossible to miss him. Remember he hates fire so bring some.
  • Orax - This Bane Grenadier is best taken out while you are going after Irix in the Bane Barracks to the northeast.. He hangs out in the center tower flanked by two escorts.

Pools Mentalist: Collect all Pools Logos - Finding the Logos isn't too difficult....

Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
How Branches off the "Question" Logos tunnel which is the same as Retread Caves -311, 747
In Just a bit southeast of the Snakepit Landing Platform -886, 528
Lightness Deep inside a cave within Retread Outpost Control Point. Requires Many, Will Not, Question, The, and Past Logos 313, 379
Nothing Southwest of Retread Outpost Control Point 93, 377
Permit Inside a cave a little west of the Bane Guard Station. Requires If, You, Give, and Choice Logos Cave Entrance around 248, 69
Question In the Retread Caves entrance requiring Knowledge, Will, Be, and Yours Logos -239, 818
What Far east of the Southern Morass -893, -179
When South of the big lake behind a huge rock. 11, -491
Where Just west of the Bane Communications Center Control Point -665, -394
You Right behind the Retread Outpost Pyramid to the southeast. -85, 463
Distant The last accessed area of Lamna Armory requiring all 3 boss keys. -34, 15
Far Southeastern portion of Turpis Refinery 39, -223


Pools Operative: Complete all Pools Instance Story Arcs - You'll need to visit and complete the missions inside Retread Caves, Lamna Armory, and the Turpis Refinery which fortunately we have guides for.

Pools Strider Killer: Kill 10 Striders - If dropping a Strider wasn't hard enough these days, you'll find quite a limited supply here in Pools. While there may be more, the only we've personally seen are a handful wandering out near Lamna Armory and one inside the Eloh Obelisk Base.

Pools Thrax Killer: Kill 200 Thrax - Hands down the easiest objective you'll have here and easily accomplished over the course of your other missions. If for some reason you are running short, head to the Bane Barracks in the northeast.

Pools Veteran: Complete All Story Releated Missions - Wish we had a breakdown for you of exactly which ones you need to do, but your best bet is to complete everything in the Snake Pit, Retread Camp, and East Listening Post. You may be sent to the Hermit a few times but all your starters will begin in one of those 3 places.

Pools Wanderer: Find all Pools Waypoints - You'll need to find all the teleporters in Pools to update this particular objective. This will prove tricky as a few of the Control Points rarely change hands.

  • Snake Pit at -942, 369
  • The Hermit at -446, 134
  • Retread Camp at -125, 537
  • Retread Outpost Control Point at 229, 376
  • Southern Pools Listening Post at 241, -572
  • Eastern Pools Listening Post at 995, 379
  • Bane Communication Center Control Point at -447, -248
  • Bane Guard Station Control Point at 548, 57

After finishing this checklist, return to Scout Ryan for your reward of a large chunk of experience, clone credit (check your backpack!), and your title of Pools Master. Good work, soldier!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016