To the west of Twin Pillars nestled in a canyon sits a peaceful community of Cormans dedicated to non-violence and the research of Foreas. Ranja Gorge is a colony of people who have settled on the planet and are trying their hardest to stay out of the Bane war. This area is not a control point meaning you will be relatively safe here. It has the basic conveniences like vendors, a teleporter, and hospital in case you perish nearby. It is hands down the most difficult area to get to. There are only two ways into Ranja gorge through different caves located in Imperial Valley.

Imperial Valley is to the west of Twin Pillars and contains the Imperial Valley Control Point which is a fair sized defensive position that changes hands rather frequently. If it's under AFS control and you have been there before, there is a transporter which can bring you nearby quickly. The first cavern to Ranja Gorge is at the end of a trail beginning near -410.5, 178.8, -490.4. The cavern is filled with Fithik and a few Bane which you can run by. The Monarch Fithik at the very end should be avoided and has proven to be significantly dangerous to most players around its level.

The other trail to the Gorge can be a little trickier to find but is to the east beginning around -433.5, 183.8, -553.4. You'll run up the hill and turn left and notice the vague outline of a path. Hug the right rock formation, and at the top you'll see it. This cave is slightly less dangerous but is full of those wonderful miasma that we all love. You'll pop out on the other side near the overhead bridge and the Enigma Falls Cavern where the Target Logos resides.

  • Smuggler's Blues - This mission begins with Private Moore at -138.4, 220.3, -467.8 in Twin Pillars who wants you to deliver drugs to a few distributors. This is an ethical parable. You can either deliver the drugs, or go rat him out to Outpost Commander Taylor at -92.2, 220.3, -503.8 and complete Suspicious Minds. If you want to deliver the drugs you'll need to speak with Corporal Mandelson at the Wilderness LZ around 190.9, 167.0, -94.3, Engineer Salter in Alia Das at 765.4, 294.0, 408.6, and George Corman in Ranja Gorge at -757.5, -175.0, -278.4. Return to Private Moore for some experience and 10000 credits and a Fire Resistance mod.
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  • Sacs and Violence - This mission begins with Operations Chief Stan Corman in Ranja Gorge around -704.3, 170.1, -359.5. Remember all those glowing egg sacks you ran by coming here? Time to go shoot them. When you have enough, return for your reward of either a Vextronics Rifle or some Luminar Motor Assist Armor Legs.
  • The Dead Live - This mission begins with Franja Corman near the waypoint. Franja wants to know what happened to Caspar so head to Crater Lake Research Facility to find out. You'll report to Captain Velns in the instance at 32.3, 198.8 and be rewarded with Wellcare Hazmat Class 1 Standard MedPack or a Class I EMP Bomb.
  • Unity Among Men - This mission begins just outside the Twin Pillars gates west of the base with Victor Corman at -28.4, 188.4, -342.2 and requires the completion of Quarantine (see the Twin Pillars Guide). Victor wants you to take the blood sample analysis to Dr. Eleanor Corman in Ranja Gorge at -775.7, 171.0, -279.9. After a parallel to Malaria she will reward you with 1200 credits and your choice of Pulsar Hazmat Armor Gloves or Pulsar Reflective Armor Legs.
  • Contents Under Pressure - This mission requires the completion of Unity Among Men and starts with Dr. Eleanor Corman in Ranja Gorge at -775.7, 171.0, -279.9. She wants you to find Dr. Samuel Corman who has vital research she needs. Of course he's not nearby, so you'll need to head back to Imperial Valley which hopefully is under AFS control. Outside the fortification near -389.1, 174.1, -405.5 you'll find Samuel who apparently was attacked by Thrax soldiers. Don't worry, it isn't like you have to save him or anything, just get the vials back from an Overseer. Outside Imperial Valley to the north is a large clearing that has regular Bane force landings. Wait around long enough and you'll see Thrax Overseer Graal who has your vials. Return to Samuel who is ecstatic and will send you straight back to Eleanor for your choice of Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Boots or Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Gloves.
  • Going Native - This mission begins with Eleanor (-775.7, 171.0, -279.9) who tells you to go speak with their Forean Herbologist Nula. Nula is just to the east around -712.5, 170.8, -333.8. You will be rewarded with 900 credits and another mission.
  • A Visit to the Elders - This mission begins with Nula (-712.5, 170.8, -333.8) who sends you to speak with Council Luminary Doyan in Daghda's Urn Village to the north. Doyan is actually in a cave slighlty west of the village. The quickest way into the cave is to jump through a hole in the ground near -784.5, 284.2, 764.2 and you'll find Doyan in the little house (-795.2, 263.6, 742.2). You will be rewarded with 1500 credits and a choice of rewards Astra Direct Healing Disc or Dynamo Salvage Tool.
  • Incoming! - This mission begins in Ranja Gorge with Scott Corman around -696.7, 170.2, -279.7. He wants you to head into Concordia Divide to the Nidu Village and find Lieutenant Sanguine who is peacefully stationed on a hill in front of a hut (-558.4, 162.3, 431.5). This area of Concordia Divide is easiest reached by leaving the western gates of Twin Pillars and following the trail to the portal. You will be rewarded with 1650 credits and a choice of a Vextronics Leech Gun or Olympia Reflective Gloves.
  • Centrifuge Fuel - This mission begins in Ranja Gorge but see our Crater Lake Research guide for tips on how to complete it.


  • All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by the friendly Receiptive Liason Langerman located in Alia Das at 869.3, 294.2, 388.3 inside the Commanders tent or Receptive Liason Stanley at -112.5, 220.3, -494.7 in Twin Pillars. You'll receive individual missions for all of the below except Attack, Target, Here and Movement, Around, Chaos which is located in Crater Lake Research facility.
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Self Lake Corman (peninsula) -450.3, -97.3
Target Enigma Falls cavern -908.6, 188.0, -646.8

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016