by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Giant mosquitos and small creatures that use their tails to electrocute people make Tabula Rasa's Valverde Marshes the perfect spot for the worst vacation ever. Heavily patrolled by Bane occupation forces, this area contains just a single control point, instead opting for battles to rage in the murky waters. While some of it may be completed with ease, other sections such as the Bane base are fortresses requiring considerable firepower to breach.

Retread City is the first bit of civilization you'll find in Marshes and while it may look like a junkyard (apparently Retreads aren't big on "engineering" or "aesthetics") there is a teleporter, full vendors, and missions for you to complete. Designed for players level 35+, while you can begin some of these at 34 you'll run high and dry for content down the road. These are the missions you can get in Retread City:

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Shhh... It's a Secret to Everyone!

Highway Robbery - This mission begins with Retread Vincent in Retread City around -265, -313. Another ethical parable in this mission Vincent asks you to steal badly needed medical supplies for the Retreads from the AFS. You can either head to Paludos in the center of the zone to steal the supplies (they are in a tent around -814, 131) or turn them in. We choose to steal the supplies. If you do not choose to steal the supplies you will be unable to access a secret Bane teleporter that will port you inside the Bane base. It's well worth doing (thanks to Kaos for pointing this out). Returning to Vincent gave us 3700 credits and your choice of Class VII Res Trauma Kit, Class VII Concussion Grenades, Class VII Basic Med Kits, or Class VII Fragmentation Grenades.

Production Destruction - This mission begins with Retread Vincent in Retread City around -265, -31 and requires the completion of Highway Robbery. Apparently Striders are causing a bit of a problem so Vincent wants you to destroy production equipment. Now this is located inside the Bane base to the southeast.

You could do it the hard way like we did and assault the front gate killing dozens of enemies and taking out a forcefield. Or you could read the mission text like we didn't and the AFS have a teleporter that will drop you in the base. It's located in a building to the north around -326, -752. This will teleport you in front of a large doorway. Inside you'll find quite a few Bane and at least one Strider. Take out five of the consoles which are on the outside edge and return to Vincent. You'll be rewarded with 7600 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Bio Armor Vest, Vitalius Gravitron Armor Vest, Teleract Mech Armor Vest, or Teleract Stealth Armor Vest.

It lies in Ruins - This mission begins with Retread Vincent in Retread City around -265, -313. Vincent wants you to report to Lieutenant Morrison in Falcon Hold to the north. You can find him inside this AFS base at the northern end of the zone around -204, 600. You'll receive 3800 credits and your choice of A Wellcare Hazmar Armor Vest, ChiTech Mech Armor Vest, Prodigy Motor Assist Armor Vest, or Titan Reflective Armor Vest.

Retread Arena Missions - Retread Karl will present you with three missions to win an arena fight against increasingly difficult opponents. They are timed at 3:00 mins each and require you to enter the teleporter right next to you. Rewards for these are cash and knicknacks like grenades, EMP bombs, and armor rechargers. They are as following

Retread Arena: Beat Street - You'll face a pair of 38's.
Retread Arena: Smackdown - This mission will pit you against one level 39 who hits really really hard.
Retread Arena: Legend or Fall - In this mission in particular you'll have an ethical parable whether to take a dive or not. You'll face a level 40 with a propellant gun.

The Regulator Part I - This mission begins with Retread McCormick in Retread City around -291, -769. He wants you to retrieve scrap metal from Retread Wilson. Wilson isn't exactly in a friend location. He's to the northeast around -138, -468 and frequently engaged in batlle. Once you do find him and update your mission you'll receive 1850 credits and a Class VII EMP Bomb.

The Regulator: Part II - This mission begins with Wilson and requires the completion of Part 1. Wilson wants you to get a Bane Nanovirus Tracker from a Bane Traitor. You'll need to head to the refueling station and you'll find him around -20, -638. This will reward you with 3700 Credits and your choice of a Class VII Advanced MedPack, Class VII Armor Charger, Class VII Concussion Grenades, or Class VII Fragmentation Grenades.

The Regulator: Part III - This mission begins with The Bane Traitor and requires the completion of mission Part 2. The tratior wants you to collect the power cores of a Strider. You can find these power cores in triangular crates in various locations all over the base but I found mine at 225,-668 and 190, -788. Once collected, return to Wilson who will send you to your final contact. Your reward for this will be 5550 credits and a choice of an AccuMax Incendiary Injector Gun, Vitalius Electric Chaingun, ChiTech Pulse Pistol, or Accumax Pulse Cannon.

The Regulator: Part 4 - This mission begins with Wilson who will simply send you to Retread McCormick. McCormick needs a viral scaper and of course there isn't one just laying around. The AFS dropped one near Paludos in the ruins to the east. Follow your objective on the map and dodge Bane fire as necessary. Return to McCormick for your reward.

We hope this has helped you with Retread City but if there is more we can add or a correction we need to make, email me. You'll get full credit for any contributions. Also be sure to stop by our forums to let us know what you think.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016