The Incarna expansion adds a more traditional dimension to EVE Online: walking around in stations with other players. Though these are still the early days of the feature, there is still plenty to do in one's captain's quarters.

7. Play The Market

Though I love my ship spinning as much as the next EVE players, I have to admit that the quarters are much more apropos an intergalactic commodities trader. Peruse the market, window shop contracts, and work out supply chains for new business ideas.

6. Fit Out Ships

Refine your ship fitting and fit out spares. Do it from the comfort of your balcony as your gigantic ship hovers overhead. Rock out about how cool that is.

5. Schmooze With Friends

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You can chat with other members of your corporation in space, sure, but undocking in EVE is implicitly agreeing to PvP. Suicide ganking makes even just hanging out in high-sec a risky proposition. At least, if you are in a mining ship or hauler. Sometimes it is more relaxing to just stay docked.

4. Start A Tutorial

EVE Online's learning cliff is so steep that it redefines the meaning of the word vertical. CCP has spent huge amounts of time and money on tutorials to try and make that curve infinitesimally less brain-melting. To make matters worse, EVE is a game that is in many ways more reliant on player training than skill points or money. Don't be silly: start availing yourselves of the tutorials as soon as possible. Still here? Did I mention that many of them give you free ships and skills along the way?

3. Manage Your Planets

CCP was kind enough to build the planetary interface right into the wall of your quarters. Go to town on your planet-side extractors while you can: DUST514 will get here sooner or later, and messing around with planets is probably going to start getting a lot more troublesome after that.

2. Sort Your Assets

If you are anything like me, your station hangar is a constantly shifting mess of half-finished projects. Much like my desk! But unlike my desk, in EVE you can sort, use, and sell your hangar junk. If only I could do the same with a half-finished essay delving into the root causes of why the Northern Coalition collapsed.

1. Show EVE Off

Not to put too fine a point on it, but most MMO players are used to playing as and empathizing with a character, not an ever-shifting roster of ships. Ships that are mostly viewed from a camera perspective that is zoomed out so much that the ship is a tiny white square. This is a huge deal breaker for a lot of people, and not necessarily just the people that would be better off with another MMO. If nothing else, the quarters are something you can show off that other gamers will understand.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016