Purifying souls is one of the key unique features of Echo of Soul. In EoS you have four unique soul skills that benefit from purifying a Chaos Soul. Chaos Souls are sort of a unique currency, you automatically loot them from enemies once you slay them - so farming them is easy. Applying them is another story. You have two options - solo and co-op soul purification and once purified, there are various uses for them. We're going to cover the soul skill system here today along with purification, but they can be crafted by a Soul Expert or used to modify your skills - but those are much further in the game. 

Let's start with purifying these Chaos Souls: 

Acquiring Chaos Souls 

To acquire a soul, kill anything that would grant you XP. You will usually get one soul every monster and a half from my experience, so they are quite plentiful. The souls are automatically looted, no need to pick them off of a corpse, and you can hold up to a specific amount determined by your level. You can click on "Soul Satchel" on the lower menu to find your Chaos Souls. 

Solo Purification 

Find a Soul Sanctum, there is one in most encampments and especially in each town. They look like the following: 

Once located, the Soul Sanctum grants rest XP when logged off and allows the purification of Chaos Souls. To purify, open your Soul Satchel and then click purify. ALL CHAOS SOULS will be purified. Every single last one. It will consume 2 Chaos Souls to create 1 charge of Courage, Hope, Peace, or Innocence. 

Co-Op Purification 

Right click a friend's name and choose co-op purification. This can be done anywhere in the world. A window will come up allowing you to purify souls with your friend (they do not have to be inside of your party). Once you both choose purify, one chaos soul will turn into one random purified soul (doubling the amount if you had done it solo). 

However, you will only purify as many as the lowest amount of souls the two players have. For instance, if you have 20 and your friend has 30, then all of your souls will be purified and your friend will still have 10 left to purify.  

Purifications can be done in most towns as players are eager to do it with friends. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance. 

Soul Skills 

There are four soul skills, they each have a 30 second duration and a 120 second cooldown and provide the following buffs (they all increase EXP gained): 

  • Light of Hope: CRIT ACC, Piercing, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed 
  • Shield of Innocence: Defense and PvP Defense 
  • Flame of Courage: ATK, ATK SPD, and Casting SPD 
  • Hand of Peace: MAX HP, Removes Action Restricting Effects, and Immunity to Action Restricting Effects 

Each of these skills consume 2 purified souls for their element (Flame of Courage consumes Courage) and upon use increases the EXP of each skill by 2.  

That's about it to the soul purification and soul skill system! Happy hunting in Echo of Soul.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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