One of the most anticipated features since Hearthstone's launch has been a spectator mode that would allow people to spectate friends games without having to go through a streaming client. With the launch of Goblins and Gnomes, spectator mode has made its debut and can be used to watch anyone of your friends matches with the click of a button.

How to Spectate

Spectator mode is very easy to launch, simply open up your friends list and look for the spectate button beside their name. If this button does not appear then they are either not in a match or do not have spectating enabled. To change this setting, go to your game options and check the box in the preferences section.

Once you are in and spectating you will be able to see from either players perspectives if the option is selected, whether the other player is on your friends list or not. When spectating you cannot see the deck building process, only the actual match is viewable.

Being Spectated

If you're the one being spectated you'll notice some new interface options at the bottom of your screen. For starters you will be able to see anyone who is currently spectating your game and have the option of kicking them out.

If you only want certain friends to watch a match you can also set it to invitation only, where you can directly control the people who have permission to spectate.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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