Foolish mistakes are made left and right in StarCraft II. 
It’s bound
to happen, even if you have a complete understanding of every facet of
the game since things happen so fast.  Constantly selecting
building units can make you forget even the most basic of tasks in a
heated conflict.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we’ve put
a top 10 list of the most common mistakes made by StarCraft II players
to help you get better!

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style="font-style: italic;">Scout, and you can see nonsense
like this coming instead of losing swiftly to it!

#1 - You
didn’t scout.

    If you scout with a worker early on and
get it out alive, that isn’t enough.  You need constant
intelligence to be effective in this game and prepare for any nonsense
heading your way.

#2 - You don’t have
enough workers!

    Having control of a base is wonderful,
but if you’re under capacity on workers, you aren’t getting the maximum
out of it -- and your opponent probably is out of theirs. 
Don’t forfeit this advantage by making sure your mineral fields and
vespene geysers are running at optimum efficiency!

#3 - You stopped

    Whether you never bothered to begin
with, or expanded once and just couldn’t win from there, you need to
continue claiming the map and resources when you can.  Having
an income stream run dry with no alternative to put those ~20 workers
to use at is embarrassing and can cost you the game very quickly.

#4 - You over committed
to a strategy.

    While having a plan in mind is
wonderful, you will need to adapt it most of the time. 
Sticking with a strategy like Marines and Marauders will win against
most armies, but it will lose badly against Psi Storm and you’re just
handing your opponent a victory if you keep building those units alone.

#5 - You built the
wrong counter.

    Many counter units are strong against
each other, and even themselves.  Stalkers may get a bonus
against Armored, but they will still get destroyed by
Marauders.  Immortals get a much bigger bonus and take less
damage, but will still lose to mass Marauder.  If you see no
marines, the answer is a Void Ray!

#6 - You didn’t seize
an opportunity.

    The biggest offender of this is
repelling your opponent with heavy losses and sitting on it. 
The moment this happens, you need to do two things--counter attack
their most recent expansion, and start your own.  Victory
often times comes from several little advantages snowballing, rather
than one massive strike.

#7 - You sat with your
army in your base.

    Many people think the best offense is a
good defense.  The opposite is true in StarCraft II. 
The best defense is a good offense.  Keep your army in
position to be a threat if you feel you have accurate intelligence and
superiority.  An advantage like that is worthless unless

#8 - You teched too

    Getting to the big units does not win
games nearly as effectively as it does in other RTS games. 
The bigger they are, the harder they fall in StarCraft II. 
The majority of your army should consist of units that can be built
within the first 3 minutes, and that’s to defend from rushes as well as
give you the opportunity to pressure.

#9 - You lost your

    This is an especially nasty one to new
RTS players. You cannot let a minor defeat get you down. 
Losing your entire squad of Reapers when you’re on the attack isn’t the
end of the world.  Keep building units, workers, and supply
buildings when on the attack and defensive.  Idle hands are
the devil’s work, and it will show in the APM stat!

#10 - You didn’t pay
attention to your units in battle.

    Very few armies are potent enough to
just attack-move right through the opponent and come out on
top.  Many little things can be done to both preserve your
army, and kill theirs faster.  Focus fire, ability use, and
setting rally points to reinforce in the middle of combat are all
key.  Make sure you have terrain you can work with before you
engage or make a stand!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016