Even if the Zerg Swarms envelop and destroy everything in their path, it isn't without the mighty support units they command. With free intelligence, morphing scouts, and broodling bombardment, it's worth diverting resources from the hordes to a few support units from time to time. Add in the important fact that Overlords no longer detect, and you have all the more incentive to use the Zerg's support units to shield you from Dark Templar.

Your first two Overlords must survive. Sending them on scouting missions provides valuable information, but a 100 mineral setback is too painful to suffer. In addition, you’re not running around with a lot of extra supply early on, so losing an Overlord is your ticket to not producing any other units besides overlords for some time. Get your Overlords in, get your information, and get out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016