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October 23, 2007

The Disciple looks and feels like a martial artist but the Disciple is
first and foremost a healer. Her weapon and armor choices resemble that
of a martial artist. The disciple is quite a complex character,
offering the player many options and play styles. The Disciple can
use her inner energy to form powerful bonds with her allies and
enemies. The Disciple uses her melee attacks to heal her allies and
replenish energy. The Disciple is the most melee orientated of the
healing classes and is the only healing class that has counter attacks. style="font-weight: bold;">


Disciples are well versed in the manifesting of inner strength and
focused in their efforts to heal and uplift allies. Even though their
main priority is keeping their fellow adventurers alive, they are still
highly capable melee fighters and can weaken enemies as well as inflict
pain. Their physical discipline affects all around them and is
manifested in harmonic bonds they share with their allies and dissonant
bonds they force upon their foes.

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Disciple at a Glance 

Qaliathari, Dark Elf, Kurashasa, Mordebi, Kojani, Goblin, Half Elf,
Orc, and Raki.

Meduim armor

can wield martial staffs, knuckles, martial swords, hand to hand,
two-handed piercing, and two-handed slashing weapons. style="font-weight: bold;">


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    Progression Guide
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    Level 1-25
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    Level 26-50

Class News
& Information:

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 Focus Bonds

Disciples can use their inner energy
to form powerful bonds with either their allies or enemies. The
Disciple’s bonds can either provide a benefit to his ally or
debuff his opponent. Only one bond can be used at a time.


Jin is energy that Disciples
and Monks call upon to excute special attacks.  Many
attacks generate Jin while others use Jin.



The Disciple is first and foremost a
healer. Like the other healer classes he has a fast 1.5 second heal,
slow 3 second heal, and group heals. The Disciple also has various heal
over time spells. The Disciple can manipulate his non-energy pools
to keep his group alive. He can use either his endurance pool or energy
pool to heal his defensive target by using special attacks against his


have a limited number of buffs compared to Clerics and Shamans. They
have buffs that increase their group’s strength, dexterity,
effect of heals and physical and mental resistances.
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Endowments are hidden abilities
that are almost side effects of using certain skills in order. That can
heal, reduce the cost of skills, increase damage, or reflect incoming
damage. The chain to complete an endowment does not show up until a
player completes it one time. It then appears as a passive ability in
the General tab of the skills window.

Components of endowment chains are identified in the spells lists and
explained in the leveling guides.


A weakness is a player created
vulnerability in your enemy that remains for a short period of time.
Some weaknesses can be exploited by using certain skills. When one
exploits a weakness the attack used becomes more powerful and may add
more than additional damage but may debuff the enemy or buff you or
your party. For more information on weaknesses please take a look at
Ten Ton Hammer’s  href="">Weakness
FAQ and chart.


Disciple attacks don't do much damage, but their attacksare more
versatile. Disciples have special attacks and chain
attacks that are quite flexible. Many special attacks can be used to
regain energy, heal the Disciple’s defensive target or debuff


Disciples get many reactive counterattacks. Many of the
Disciple’s counterattacks are dependent on the disciple
or feinting. Disciples are the only healer class that gets counter

Feign Death

A Disciple can Feign Death, an ability that that attempts to
persuade their enemies that they are dead.  If Feign death is
successful the Disciple's enemies will ignore the Disciple and go on
with their business. This makes the Disciple a particularly
attractive healer candidate for dungeon runs as he has the chance of
avoiding death on a bad pull and the group can then continue on with
little interruption.


Healers in Vanguard Saga of Heroes are not like traditional
healers of past games. There is much more to do than heal. Disciples
need to debuff their enemy, use their counterattacks, heal their group
using various means and balance their energy and endurance
The Disciple is a class that becomes much more powerful when played by
a good player.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016