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Eyes forward, recruits, and listen up for your guide to surviving boot camp in Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa. As the first place new players encounter when loading the game for the first time, Boot Camp functions as the tutorial for Tabula Rasa. Ten Ton Hammer continues the guide with Part Two. Click here for Part One.

Turning the Tide

You have reached the Control Point inside the Outpost, and successfully regained control for the AFS. Now that this is a safe zone, Commander Elvers runs in with a full compliment of friendly soldiers. Speak to Elvers to complete your Carpe Diem mission, and acquire a brand new shotgun. Oh yeah, this shotgun and you will become fast friends. You’ll notice when using the shotgun that your targeting reticule will change to show the general area, or cone the shotgun will cover. The range of a shotgun is lower, but it’s great for damaging multiple enemies at once.

Right nearby is Specialist Vance, who holds your next set of orders, A Tale of Elements. You are a special kind of human, a Receptive who is able to utilize this new alien power. In order to learn how to use these new powers, you need to collect some Logos (it’s a Logos, not a Logo) to unlock the magic. A nearby cave holds one such Logos, but Bane have been spotted in the area. Kill the bad guys and bring back something to prove you did it.

Before leaving the safety of the outpost, run to the northeast where some vendors have set up shop. When you interact with a vendor you will see a merchant window pop up. Tabs along the bottom of the window allow you to Purchase items, view Recently Sold gear or Repair you equipment. Now look in your backpack window, and see more tabs along the upper right side. Anything you loot from a body (by running over the corpse), take from a crate or receive as a mission reward will end up in here. You may find that you picked up a few things from your previous kills that you can sell now, if it isn’t something better than what you are wearing. Make sure to repair all of your armor as well, as damaged armor is less effective.

It Only Hurts for a Second

Run east out of the Outpost and across a bridge to toward the cave. Make your way down into the central room, where you’ll spot The Dissector and a few of his comrades ahead. Now is a great time to pull out your long distance rifle, and see if you can catch these guys by surprise. Once you’ve killed and looted The Dissector’s head, your mission will update. Move up toward the Logos. Notice the bluish-purple things growing on the ground? These magic mushrooms are often around Logos; later in the game when some Logos are well hidden you can often find a way to them by spotting a smattering of shrooms.

Acquire the Logos “Power” to enable your new Lightning ability. You’ll notice that a holographic image of an Eloh being will appear. Step close and listen to advance your mission progress. Before you move on, make sure you open your skills window and drag Lightning to your tray, just as you did with Sprint earlier. Turn back toward the cave entrance, and ready yourself for The Collector and 2 friends to come storming in. This boss is resistant to your weapons, and can only be killed by a few casts of Lighting. Grab his head and return triumphant to the outpost where Specialist Vance completes your mission with a reward of a new pair of pants.

Commander Elvers is waiting impatiently for you. It’s time for the AFS soldiers here to make The Last Stand. A massive Bane assault is inbound, and you need to run out there and assist with the outpost’s defense. Run out the west gate toward your mission marker, and watch the Bane dropships start popping in. Be prepared 5 or more large groups of Bane, including a few Boss mobs. This is a tough fight, so don’t be too concerned if you die. You will respawn at a nearby hospital, which in this case is right inside the Outpost. When you die you will have some equipment damage and a temporary Resuscitation Trauma that lowers your stats for a few minutes. Outside of Boot Camp you will be able to purchase Trauma Kits that will cure this debuff instantly.

When all the Bane have been killed, either by you or the surrounding AFS soldiers, the mission will update and you will be able to report back to Commander Elvers. Your mission completion will reward you with a new Vest, and Elvers will direct you to Evac Pilot Constant. She waits for you near the Dropship Pad, a circular raised area with blue landing lights. Moving Up to the Big League is your final set of orders, taking you out of Boot Camp and into the fleet. All you have to do to catch a transport is to step up on the pad and choose an instance of Wilderness to travel to. As soon as you arrive, you can meet up with Major Bonham who advances your mission, and directs you to your next contact.

Congratulations on your graduation from Boot Camp, soldier!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016