by: Kertain

This guide is meant to be a basic overview of the armor types that are in Tabula Rasa.

As you advance through the classes you will gain access to new armor types that reflect the role of that particular class.

Each armor type also has many many different versions of itself. Versions levels are equivalent to the item rarity you see in other MMOG's. The higher the version the “better” these enchantments are (typically).

The different version levels are color coded according to their rarity with grey being the lowest quality, followed by green, blue, and the most rare purple:

You can look at the version of the armor by hovering your mouse over the item.

As you gain levels and choose your classes, you have the opportunity to invest Training Points into the different class armor types. A minimum of one point must be assigned to the armor type before you can equip that type of armor.

Now let’s discuss the armor class types:

Motor Assist Armor
Soldier: Reflective Body Armor
Specialist: Hazmat Body Armor
Commando: Gravitron Armor
Ranger: Stealth Armor
Sapper: Mech Armor
Biotechnician: Bio Armor

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016