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Foreas. A planet of unending beauty contrasted by a brutal conflict whose outcome will determine the survival of the human race. On this glorious world you'll spend many of your early levels helping the native Foreans, and learning how to interact with your environment. Don't be fooled by the attractive landscape however because the Bane are not your only concern; natural predators won't hesitate to make a quick meal out of you. The purpose of this guide is prepare you for what you'll find on the planet and provide guidance through some of the missions you might find in the Concordia Wilderness


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Wilderness Map

According to Dev Diary #3 released to a number of sites, Foreas is:

"One of the first worlds visited by humans, Foreas is a lush, green habitable world dominated by sprawling forests of tall trees and massive canopies. In many places, the land is rugged, even mountainous, with the planet's flora insisting on growing nearly everywhere except the highest elevations. Various forms of moss and plants cover even sheer cliffs. If there was ever a notion of a rich, bountiful forest world, Foreas is it.

Water is also abundant; the rugged terrain forms areas around high prominences where humidity naturally coalesces into large, billowing clouds that typically fill the skies. Rivers, high waterfalls, and numerous lakes crisscross the land. Closer to the equator, some of these lands are more swamplike and humid. When the sky is clear, one can see three dead moons that surround Foreas and the bright orange sun. Perhaps the looming Bane Shard-ship is also visible, which is the orbital staging area and strategic base for the Bane's invasion.

AFS members will first arrive on Foreas in Concordia Wilderness, located in the northwestern area of the continent currently under AFS control. Subsequently, Concordia Wilderness represents Foreas in its most untouched, natural state. It's a heavily forested area that contains a Forean village, Alia Das, a human military base camp, and vital clues regarding Eloh artifacts. On the other side of the landmass, far to the southeast, is Concordia Palisades, where the Bane have cut a huge swath through the forest for their localized base of operations. Concordia Divide splits the landmass down the middle, through which the River Concord flows.

Concordia Wilderness Areas

Alia Das - This is your start point after you finish bootcamp providing you a number of readily available missions and low level content to complete. You'll find merchants, trainers, a crafting station and teleporter here. To the west you'll see a Forean village containing more missions and the Logos guide Elder Solis who will help you find Logos at 783, 579.3.

The threat from Bane is minimal inside the village and base camp but leaving more than few hundred meters will put you directly in harms way. The Foreans are mistrusting but helping them will open a series of opportunities to help.

Daghda's Urn - This Forean village is located in the western portion of the Wilderness with little in the way of AFS presence.  Surrounded by vicious Xanx, these natives are also susceptible to Bane assault teams beaming in regularly.  While this area is not a control point, and the guards patrolling the area can easily dispatch attackers, it pays to watch where you stand.

A small portion of the villages population resides in caverns underground which can be found nearby.  If you are having trouble finding the entrance, just look for a large sinkhole and jump in.

Lower Eloh - Little more than a defensive position, this rally point is where AFS soldiers hold a bridge, controlling access to the Wilderness LZ.  Laying just across the river from a number of Bane fortifications, this area is extremely hostile.  Snipers, Mortars, and large patrols are just a few of the hazards you can quickly and easily find as you move about the area.

There are a handful of quests that will lead you to this area so becoming familiar with it really isn't optional.

Pinhole Falls Cavern - This is not a secured position, but a system of caverns you'll spend a little time in completing low level missions.  Home to numerous miasma, a group of Corman miners is doing quite a bit of research, but what are they looking for?  If you search carefully enough you'll find a Logos in the depths of the cave.

Memory Tree - Located in the central part of the map, this large tree with Logos symbols all over it sits atop a hill. This area is a significant battleground with Thrax soldiers constantly attempting to assault the position. Regular AFS reinforcements will help keep the area only somewhat dangerous but you will find the Mind Logos and a few quests requiring you to be in this area. If you are just looking to get your hands dirty and kill things, this is your spot.

- This isolated research facility sits in a canyon just west of the Imperial Valley control point. Only accessibly through a cave system, reaching Ranja Gorge without conflict can prove near impossible. The researchers have a number of tasks for you to complete but being Cormans are very wary of AFS soldiers.

Imperial Valley - This control point is located in the southwestern area of the zone. Consisting of a small Bane fortification is protected by a forcefield and a pair of light artillery. Left alone it will fluctuate between Bane and AFS control, giving you and others a chance to help defend this outpost against heavy bane attacks capable of overrunning the outpost. Providing a close transporter location to Crater Lake Research and a few quests to collect tokens around the base this position is of high strategic importance.

Twin Pillars - The largest fortified AFS position in the Wilderness area, this base sits to the southeast overseeing one of the entrances to the Concordia Divide. Providing a dropship platform for fast transport, vendors, and crafting stations you'll not find more civilization in this zone. A number of missions begin here and it is by far the safest place to be as Bane attacks never penetrate the well manned defenses of Twin Pillars.

Wilderness LZ - This landing zone (LZ) is just north of Twin Pillars and is a semi-safe stopover on your journey from Alia Das or Lower Eloh. There are basic facilities including a vendor/hospital and a number of missions to try. This is a control point and is frequently attacked and captured by Bane forces removing a vital teleporter location from use.



Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Area Inside Pinhole Caverns -432.2, -595.2
Attack Northeast of Twin Pillars 41.3,190.1, -332.0
Damage Pinhole Falls area 406.4, 244.6, 438.1
Enemy Imperial Valley 365.7, 212.0, 616.8
Enhance Alia Das Cavern 833.9, 285.2, 656.6
Here Daghda's Urn (Requires Power and Mind to Enter) -974.0, 284.0, 744.2
Mind Memory Tree -108.0, 217.6, 111.1
Power Benefactor Ridge 497.0, 287.3, 324.0
Projectile Memory Tree (area east of ~) 189.3, 172.9, 256.9
Self Lake Corman (peninsula) -450.3, -97.3
Target Enigma Falls cavern -908.6, 188.0, -646.8
Time Lower Eloh Creek 791.9, 309.2, 73.9



Caves of Donn - This instance located in the Monarch Grove will involve helping the Foreans reclaim a sacred area and is designed for squads around 11 or 12 or soloed around level 13 or 14. You'll find it in a cave northwest of the Memory Tree around -436.8, 260.2. Expect to engage all types of bane and numerous Xanx.

Crater Lake Research Facility - A former AFS facility, this area has been overrun by the Bane and will very likely be the first instance you do. Good for squads as early as level 7, the entire zone can be done solo around level 10. There are a number of missions to complete here and this is a great way to get familiar with combat. Expect to fight predators and many types of bane (including artillery) before you are done here. It is located up a moutain trail behind the Imperial Valley control point at approximately -407.3, -749.

Pravus Research - This Bane research facility is the staging ground for a major AFS assault to push back the enemy. A variety of missions are available and expect combat to cover just about everything the Bane have. It is designed for groups around 11 or 12 but can be soloed around 13 or 14. You can find the entrance to the west of Memory Tree at approximately -785.3, 70.2.

Guardian Prominence - This is a high level instance, so you'll pretty much want to stay away until you are in your mid 30's. If you are just that curious it's up a mountain trail near -22.6, 690.2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016