by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

On the edge of Bane controlled territory in the eastern Concordia Palisades sits a simple hill called Hightower Outpost. This defensive position overlooks enemy territory and is manned by squads of AFS troops and a large number of Forean Rangers. A few sandbags, artillery pieces, and heavily armed soldiers are all that keeps this important strategic position from being occupied.

Directly west lies a twin hill to Hightower, capped by a Bane bunker. You gain access to the hill by crossing over a fallen tree at -93,140,-9. There are several Hunters and Howlers patrolling this area, and a locked crate or two are found once you make it inside the structure. To the south and underground, you'll notice a network of tunnels that are accessed through the cave entrance behind a waterfall. These tunnels are full of fithik and miasma, a Logos and a mission NPC.

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Hightower Outpost offers the bare minimum in comforts. Dr. Gerkin recently returned from sabbatical, and now stands duty at this hospital respawn point to repair your gear and sell basic ammo and other supplies. What you will find here is a safe place to go afk, a transporter to get in and out quickly, and a boat load of missions. Even if you aren't interested in running missions just for the experience and great loot, there is a series located in this area that will provide you access to one of the Eloh temples for Eloh Vale access (check out our guide).

Pincer Power - This mission begins with Breanne Vonic in the center of the hill around -52.1, 153.9, 46.9. She wants you to collect Fithik Pincers which can come from any Fithik's in the zone. Return when you have them all for 2850 credits and your choice of Voltrox Hazmat Armor Legs, Prodigy Reflective Armor Helmet, or a Cryogen Mech Armor Helmet.

Off with Their Heads - This begins with Ranger Hunrambi in the center of the outpost around -56.1, 154.4, 43.5. Hunrambi tells you about a very angry and dangerous Howler named Kennilaxx who they want dead. He just wants his head to prove you've taken care of him. Head to the River-base Krimm control point to the northeast. Frequently running behind the base to the east you'll see this Howler running around. He's been spotted in various locations so an exact loc would be a shot in the dark, but I personally killed him at 407.0, 116.6, 285.1. If you are out there long enough you will find him. Return to Hunrambi for 3000 credits, a ChiTech Hazmat Armor Helmet, a Luminar Reflective Armor Vest, and a Vextronics Shotgun.

Two Heads are Better than One - This begins with Ranger Hunrambi in the center of the outpost around -56.1, 154.4, 43.5 and requires the completion of Off with Their Heads..Hunrambi wants you to collect Bane Hunter heads. These have a low random chance of dropping off any Hunters in the zone. Expect to kill a lot of them. The best way to do this is to head just easy of the outpost and grab them as you see them or to head to Fort Dew and pick off ones assaulting the Control Point. When you are done, return to Hunrambi for 3000 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Electric Polarity Gun, CryoGen Reflective Armor Boots, or a Vextronics Laser Rifle..

Searching for Acceptance - This mission

begins with Ranger Kogari at Hightower Outpost around -60.4, 154.2, 43.7. He needs your help, but he doesn't want to waste his time with just anybody. If you can prove you can handle yourself against the local warnets, he'll accept your help. You've got just a few minutes to kill several warnets. Watch that timer in your mission log! There are plenty of warnets down the side of the hill northeast from Kogari. Fill your quota and return to Kogari before the timer runs out, and you'll earn his respect; along with 2850 credits, and choice of Leech Gun, Chaingun or RPG Launcher.

An Unexpected Test -

This mission

begins with Ranger Kogari at Hightower Outpost around -60.4, 154.2, 43.7 and requires the completion of Searching for Acceptance. Completing the last mission impressed Ranger Kogari, but he's still not sure if he wants a human in his ranks. Some Junior Forean Rangers left their homes to make a name for themselves killing Bane, but have gotten themselves pinned down. Show Kogari that you deserve to be here by rescuing them. Head south and cross the fallen-tree bridge, and find the Foreans at 39,113,-22. You're looking for their leader, Soanji. If you don't find them at this spot, wait for them to return from fighting, or to respawn. Soanji won't leave until he can find his brother, who was chased off toward the waterfall. Jump in the river and walk through the waterfall (have you ever seen the back of a waterfall?) to a cave entrance at -50,110,-10. Kill your way through the cave bugs to Sohrani at -78,78,-64. He admits to you that he is a coward, and doesn't wish to return to his family in dishonor. Retrace your steps out of the cave and present Sohrani's honor band to Soanji (again, waiting for a respawn if he isn't there). You can choose to either tell Soanji that his brother died with honor in battle, or that he chickened out and is hiding in the cave. Either way, he appreciates the help, and rewards you with 2850 credits.

An Unexpected Test Part 2 -

This mission requires the completion of an Unexpected Test. Now that Soanji knows what became of his brother, he's ready to take his squad back to the safety of the Walk of Giants. You'll lead the team West from their holding spot of 38,113,-27 to the Temple of the Raging Patriarch at -436,186, 42. Don't cheat and take the transporter! You can normally make the trip by running right through the mobs; no need to stop and kill. Once you arrive at the Temple, your mission will update and you can take the waypoint back to Hightower Outpost. Ranger Kogari now believes even a human can be a great warrior. You'll receive 3800 credits, and choice of Chaingun, RPG Launcher or Pistol.

Finding Acceptance - This mission requires the completion of An Unexpected Test Part 2 and begins with Ranger Kogari at Hightower Outpost around -60.4, 154.2, 43.7.

After escorting the young Foreans in An Unexpected Test – Part II, Ranger Kogari is ready with more work for you. A group of Forean warriors is missing, after being sent to exterminate the source of the nearby Fithik infestation. Travel southeast to the other side of the Fithik Trench. Plenty of fithik will swarm, but your trusty laser shotgun should make quick work of them. You'll find the remains of a campsite at 327,98,-102. Pick up the targetable backpack, and return to Ranger Kogari. You receive 3000 credits, and choice of Injector Gun, Net Gun or Pistol.

Devil's Den Missions - Here you will receive a series of Devil's Den missions to complete. For a list and information on how to finish them head over to our Devil's Den instance guide.

Receptive Liaison Arizpe - This NPC hands out all the Logos missions for Logos within the Palisades zone, although note you won't receive missions for every Logos in the zone. You'll be able to find the following nearby.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Man Under the waterfall in the caves -186.4, -119.0


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016