by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

The beautiful planet of Foreas is where you'll spend many of your early levels helping the Foreans and learning how to interact with the environment. Don't be fooled by the attractive landscape because this land is filled with not only Bane but natural predators which won't hesitate to make a quick meal out of you. You aren't a raw recruit anymore, the purpose of this guide is to help you survive in the Concordia Palisades.


The main area of operations will be the AFS base located in the northwestern portion of the zone. The Cumbria Research facility provides a spacious area shared by both Cormans and AFS troops and provides security to the entire area. It is here you will likely visit first considering it is the most civilized area of the Palisades zone providing a landing platform for fast travel to Twin Pillars or Foreas Base. These facilities are not only one of the few "safe" areas but will also act as a hub for a number of missions throughout the entire area.

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Map of the Palisades

To the east of Cumbria Research is an area of unbelievable destruction caused by a Bane shard craft crashing into the planet. A large trench marks where the ship finally came, to rest but beware entering what the AFS calls the "Devils Den" as it is well guarded by infantry and fithiks. The area has been not only obliterated by the war, but frequent skirmishes between AFS and Bane have caused the River Krimm Base and Fort Dew to come under frequent attack so care must be had when visiting these locations.

Palisades follows theme very similar to what you saw in the Concordia Divide providing a very safe and strong AFS controlled area and a less than safe Bane controlled area. In this particular instance you might notice that we don't have as strong of a hold on the zone as the enemy does which means you'll need to use extra caution especially when traveling east to the Bane base.

This area is designed for players level 17+ and won't provide much to do under that level.


Concordia Palisades Areas

Camp Elinor - Consisting of just a couple of large tents, Camp Elinor is a welcome site to anyone traversing groups of Warnets or avoiding an overrun River Base Krimm. This relative safe area sits practically on the shores of Lake Elinor and only a few hundred meters from dozens of Warnets nests which can make short work of unwary players.

Here you'll find nothing more than a teleporter (which we are thankful for) and a number of missions which must be complete in order to advance your Eloh Vale access mission or take advantage of some decent rewards. You will also likely spend quite a bit time in the lake to the east and many missions will require you to brave the Warnet nests to the far north.

Cumbria Research Facility - A long path flanked by landing areas and rows of produce connect the transportation area and base facilities. It is here you will locate officers to provide you further instructions on how to assist the AFS with operations in the area. You'll also find a number of individuals very intently studying Logos and Eloh artifacts and a mission or two that can be completed without leaving the area.

All the comforts of a large base can be found here including full merchants, a crafting station, and soon a Miltary Surplus store for player auctions and purchases. Expect to be familiar with this area as you'll need to revisit in order to fly back to Foreas Base or Wilderness. You'll find the Palisades Target of Opportunity mission and the Logos receptor in this area as well.

Fithik Trench - In the center of the Palisades, dividing the AFS controlled area with the Bane, is a massive trench caused by a crashing spaceship. Expect to visit this trench a number of times dodging Fithiks and Bane infantry. The Fithik Trench is only accessible from the northern end and extends all the way down to the Devils Den instance.

While you won't find any missions, there is a teleporter which allows you fast access to the trench should you need it.

Fort Dew - Perched at the brink of Bane controlled land, Fort Dew is a large defensive facility appears it was designed to protect the local Foreans against invaders. This area is a control point and is assaulted by dozens of Bane at once so you can expect to change hands frequently. Inside you'll find the Commanders who will take your tokens, a merchant, a teleporter and a few more creature comforts. This is a great place to fight if you are looking for a scrap, or have missions requiring you to kill certain types of creatures. The Bane bring everything with them when they attack.

Hightower Outpost - Perched on a hill, surrounded with sandbox and a few artillery pieces, is another area you'll become very familiar with. Hightower Outpost overlooks the Bane land to the east and protects one of the few river crossings against incursion. Assailed by infantry to the east and south and Warnets to the west, it's amazing the residents of this fortification have managed to stay alive so long.

You will find nothing at Hightower but a transporter and a large number of missions to complete.

River Base Krimm - Located just to the north of Hightower Outpost, the River Base Krimm is the other Control Point in this zone and is and provides players the opportunities to get into a hotspot and attempt to repel the Bane or retake the base from occupation. A handful of missions will require you to be in this area but if you are looking for an intense battle that isn't at Fort Dew, this is the place.

Skive Base - Even more menacing that what you saw in the Divide, this base is heavily fortified and guarded by dozens of Bane infantry. Just getting to the front door can mean wading through squad after squad of Thrax not to mention the occassional Strider that strolls through. Once you get to the first forcefield expect to start catching fire from nearby artillery and the garrison inside. Once you breach both shields you will not only be able to find a few named which you can use for the TOO mission or you can head straight in to the Treeback Camp.

Walk of Giants - south of this research base, is an area of significance to the Foreans called the Walk of Giants. This holy place consists of a number of Eloh temples fiercely guarded by local natives who are less than anxious to make your acquaintance. If you are interested in entering the Eloh Vale instance you will complete a series of trials in each one of these temples. Even if you are planning to skip it, there are a number of missions for the Devils Den that begin in this area as well.

Viands Village - Wedged between the Walk of Giants and Fort Dew, this Forean village is an important part of the Eloh Vale access quest providing vital missions and even a teleporter. Danger is usually visible from just inside so you won't have to look far to find combat.



Symbol Name Area of Palisades Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Ground Northwest of Camp Elinor 244.6, 785.4
Have Inside the caverns east of Ft. Dew 277.0, -754 .1
Honor To the east of the Walk of Giants -312.8, 86.3
Knowledge Northeast of Cumbria Research -289.1, 984.5
Man Under the waterfall in the caves -186.4, -119.0
Planet South of Camp Elinor on the Warnet islands 414.4, 388.2
Through Just outside Cumbria Research to the east -403.5, 633.1
Today South of the Walk of Giants transporter in the intersection of paths -520.4, -40.9
Tomorrow Outside the Staging Point area cave and to the left 833.8, -402.4
True To the west of Viands Village on a island surrounded by Warnets -422.4, -418.2
Victory Southeast of Cumbria Research in a cave. Requires Power, Attack, Enemy, Enhance, and Transform Logos to access. -797.7, 457.3
Yours Inside the Skive Base, take the first left then first right which will lead outside. 681.0, -800.3



Devils Den - This upper teen level instance is at the end of the Fithik Trench and will provide not only a challenge to squads but complete a number of missions including some for the Eloh Vale access. You'll find this zone swarming with Fithik and a sprawling Bane facility which will require not only tactics but a ton of ammunition.

Treeback Camp - This low 20's level instance which actually exsists inside the Skive Base and can only be reached by breaching the forcefields and making your way to the back of the facility. If you manage to get by the defensives and the guards, inside you'll join up with a full compliment of AFS forces attempting to retake a Bane position. Become part of the assault and assist the AFS with expelling the enemy, what else could you possibly ask for?

Warnet Caves - Very little is known about the Warnet caves, other than the Warnets like to shock you and damage your armor meaning they are fairly dangerous. Researchers from Camp Elinor have made their way to the caves in an attempt to find out more about them. This zone should be approached with caution and large weapons.

Eloh Temple - The Eloh Temples are actually a series of instances and don't quite work the same way as normal ones. There are 3 of them providing a series of trials that must be completed in order to access the Eloh Vale. The Foreans don't like you so expect ot run a number of errands before they are going to let you inside.

We hope this guide has given you an overview of the Palisades area. Keep checking back as we update areas with mission walkthroughs and if you see something we missed feel free to email me, you'll get full credit.

Also feel free to stop by our forums to discuss this!

Special Thanks to Fortista and Darammer for pointing a few changes I needed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016