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For many Tabula Rasa Players, Thoria Das is their first stop when entering Concordia Divide. This Forean village features a beautiful lake full of fragrant lily pads, and a gorgeous cliff-top view of the surrounding region. The peaceful Foreans maintain a calm atmosphere, except for the occasional visit from a Hominus patrol.

Eloh Statue Guards Thoria Das

Thoria Das is reached from the zone line to Concordia Wilderness to the north, a winding road toward Crossroads and Foreas Base to the south, and via AFS waypoint teleport. Supplier Simms offers every weapon and ammo need you have at 166,163,926 (she can also be found wandering the road to the south). Crafter Teesh provides for your armor requests at 192,166,933 and Shaman Leilo cares for the medical needs at 276,170,1068. There are several missions offered in Thoria Das, to speed you along your leveling way.

Dissections: Medic Markis at 276,170,1090 has the first of several missions for you to complete. She is not a believer in this alien magic we receptives possess, and is setting out to prove that science will win wars. Your first order of business is to retrieve venom samples from the local electric attack slinging Warnets. These guys are all over the map, but they’re highly concentrated around the Minos Caves entrance to the south. The venom does not drop from every kill, so be prepared to take out a bunch to get your 5 samples. When you’ve got an ample supply, head down to Foreas Base Hospital and turn them into Spec. Kerr for your reward of 1650 credits and choice of leech gun or vest.

Cleansing the Toxins: Shaman Randara at 307,168,1057 is concerned about the health of the River Concord that brings life to all Concordia. The constant war is polluting the river, and you can help gather ingredients to heal the waters. You are to gather Forean Crystals from the flying Warnets, Calla Ferns in the forests and micromechanics from suppliers. Warnets turn up everywhere, but especially around Minos Caverns to the southeast. Calla flowers are red spiky plants that grow around the Xanx at 435,90,687. Consumer Grade Micromech can be purchased from any vendor for 25 credits each. When you have all your supplies, return them to Shaman Horea in Thoria Das for 2800 credits and choice of Chaingun or helmet.

Cleansing the Toxins: Part II: Shaman Horea now informs you that while the solution will heal the river, it can make it unusable as drinking water. You are to run the toxin to Base Guard Kapler in Hydro Plant CP at -200,56,137. Ever the cynic, he lets you know that the only thing magical about this solution, is the human-made micromechs inside. Technology wins the day, and your prize is 2100 credits and choice of boots.

    Key Kills
  • Hominus Patrol for There's a Hominus Among Us wanders the road from the south, up to their attack point at Thoria Das

Delta Outpost is the last AFS stronghold in the south east portion of Concordia Divide. Surrounded by heavy fortifications, Delta stands on the top of a large cliff side overlooking the enemy filled trenches. The base is relatively small, but does have enough room for an AFS waypoint, weapon and armor vendors, and a hospital with medic.

Delta is the gateway to the nearby Palisades zone line and the Minos Caverns instance. Several of Divide’s Targets of Opportunity key kills can be found in the trenches below here, making it a hotspot for camping. You can find your way to Delta by running southeast from Foxtrot. A few AFS soldier stand ready with missions that they just can’t complete themselves.

Near the Ruins of Pogonos More

Through the Trenches:Lieutenant McDowell is standing outside the hospital building, worrying about a missing soldier. Private QiongBi is carrying vital information on the Bane weapons caches, but with all the craziness of battle, he got himself lost (what do you expect, he’s only a Private after all). You have got 30 minutes to locate the Private, and return him safely to either Lt. McDowell in Delta Outpost, Sgt. Spencer at Foxtrot or Sgt. Zuelke at Hydro Plant.

Watch your map and you’ll see a number of locations marked as possible spots to find the wayward Private. Once you’ve got him, take a look at your map to plot the closest location to return Private QiongBi. Tie a rope around him, and drag him back through the trenches, dodging Bane and annoying Predators along the way. The Private is very squishy, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it the first time. The mission will respawn and become available to you again. When you succeed, you will be rewarded with 3200 credits and choice of vest, boots or rifle.

Shepherding the Cormans: Lt. Dwyer stands next to the eastern gate force field, waiting for a volunteer to escort some hippies – I mean Cormans – to the Corman tunnel pass through to the Palisades zone line. Because these Cormans are pacifists, they won’t survive the trip without a guard. Pick up your posse, and head east out of Delta, toward the giant Corman Tunnel sign. Expect a dropship or 2 full of Bane who can smell hippy from a mile away. Continue heading in a south easterly direction where you’ll hit pockets of warnets, along with more Bane soldiers. Delia Corman is waiting for you at 762,131,-458 to meet up with her friends, and completes your mission with a reward of 1950 credits and choice of gloves or chaingun.

A Casualty Notification: Sergeant Conway in Delta Outpost is a big fan of the Cormans. “They may be damned hippies, but they don’t deserve to die out here” as he so delicately puts it. An unarmed Corman was taken down in a recent skirmish, and didn’t live to tell the tale. Conway wants you to take the man’s personal effects through the Corman Tunnel to Valerie Corman in the Cumbria Research Facility in Palisades. Ever so grateful, she gives you 1400 credits and choice of EMP bomb or res trauma kits.

    Key Kills
  • Meat Grinder: For The Daily Grind in the trenches below Delta Outpost around 346,65,-431
  • Caretaker Mordra: Level 24 Caretaker needed for the Divide Targets of Opportunity roaming the trenches around 347,47,-316
    Nearby Logos
  • Backward, Eastern Trenches southwest of Delta at 290.2, -489.0

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016