by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Mires is the initial staging point for all Bane activity on the Torden continent. The bulk of the Bane forces arrive here and spread out from Tahrendra Base to other continents, or to operations on Mires. Mires also houses the Casso Weapon Facility, the Bane's primary source of energy weapons, and the Fluxite Mines, where the Bane acquire the Fluxite needed to power their weapons. The AFS have multiple friendly areas in Mires including Baylor Base, Fort Haroun, and several smaller outposts.

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Brann LZ is a Little Overrun

If you thought the brutal environment of Torden Incline was rough, you are in for quite a treat when you reach the Mires. Most of the zone is not only mountainous but filled with lava flows, cliffs, and generally dangerous terrain. The Mires is designed for players level 27-30 and will provide dozens of missions, 3 instances, and two control points providing more than enough to do. You will find the greatest concentration of Bane forces thus far, creating a very fluid and busy battleground. You will find fairly clear progression between areas but we hope to provide you with enough basic information that you'll know where you should start, and where to avoid until you are high level.

Bane Fluxite Mines - This is a fairly lengthy instance designed for at least a two man squad around level 28 or 29. You'll find at least one mission in Outpost Condor Medical Tent which will take here to harvest Fluxite. Inside you'll assist the AFS and Foreans in capturing the facility by defeating a number of Bane and securing a landing pad for reinforcements. This can be soloed for the most part, but the artillery at the end might be a little more challenging to an individual soldier.

Baylor Base - Located in the southwestern portion of the Mires, Baylor Base is your hub for this zone. While it is usually under heavy attack from the Bane, you'll find complete safe within the walls. Providing a full compliment of vendors and trainers there is little reason to go anywhere else. You'll also find fast access transport and one of two landing pads which should take you to other areas of Areaki. A number of missions await you in Baylor Base and while it's a long run from the Plains entrances, this is one spot well worth the visit.

Brann LZ - This large Landing Zone (LZ) is situated at the southern end of the Mires between Iapyx and Baylor Base. It has been almost completely overrun by the enemy providing an enormous killzone. You'll find a small contingent of AFS forces hold up in a building that should provide you not only relative safety from the chaotic firefight outside, but a fast access transporter. You'll visit here to update and receive a series of different missions so plan to stop by.

Energy Weapons Center - This is a quicker instance designed for a two or three man squad around level 27. A high priority AFS target, this facility is responsible for the manufacture of Bane Energy Weapons that so gently sear your flesh as they explode nearby. There are at least two missions inside this instance so if you are looking for some quick experience this is a great place. Like a ride at Disney World, you will very likely be done before you know it.

Fort Haroun - Situated to the north near the Incline entrance, Fort Haroun is a secure AFS facility that will be one of your first stops in the Mires. Providing most of the basics you'll find a few vendors and a transporter but little in the way of amenities you'd see at Baylor. While it's a large base, you won't find much beyond the basics but it's real value comes in all the missions you can pick up here. Expect to be coming and going from this area to complete a number of objectives. The only other area in this zone you would consider visiting first is Outpost Condor Medical Tent.

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I Thought They Smelled
Bad on the Outside

Iapyx Control Point - Located in the most dangerous section of Mires, the Iapyx Control Point is a strategic area of little significance. Incessantly attacked by Bane forces and you'll rarely find it in AFS hands. There is little more here than a transporter, a hospital and non-stop fighting. If you are looking for battle it should also be noted the creatures here are in the low 30's so prepare for a decent fight.

Outpost Condor Medical Tent - The description is fairly accurate because that's all this area really is. A medical tent, providing no vendors, no trainers, and really not much safety if you leave it. A nearby bunker provides an overview for long range fire (Snipers work well here) but if you are expecting more than a few missions, bring a pillow to cry on princess. There is at least one very crazy individual who will send you out to slaughter Bane so bring lots of ammunition.

Tahrendra Base - The center of Bane operations in the Torden area, Tahrendra Base should be approached with caution. It's rumored that this was once a landing zone for Brann prisoners being transferred to other facilities. The Bane are now utilizing this base as a staging ground for all their operations nearby. This level 28ish instance will provide you and your squad with a decent challenge and provide a few missions to complete.

Orsa Control Point - Dead in the center of the zone conflict, Orsa Control Point is a heavily fortified defensive position. Sitting in a key strategic choke point of Mires, whoever controls this base controls the area. Frequent turnover makes it a great place to find combat but expect nothing beyond a hospital and a basic vendor when it's AFS controlled.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Destruction Northwest of the Orsa Garrison -327.5, 187.3
Effect West of Fort Hauron among the Stalkers and Striders 103.4, 323.4
Location Northwest of Baylor's Folly just outside the entrance of the tunnels near a named Bane. -720.1, 535.8
Many West of Checkpoint 17 -312.9, 201.2
Of Southwest of the Outpost Condor Medical Tent 32, 666.4
On North of the Iapyx Control Point near the lava flows 435.1, 23.6
Neph Inside the Fluxite Mines in the Northern section 280, 160
Return Inside the Orsa Garrison -179.4, 81.2
Spirit Outside the Brann LZ northwest side -104.1, -400.5
Will Be West of Checkpoint 17 -339.2, -304.5
Will Not South end of the zone, hug right wall when leaving Baylor Base -404.5, -655.2


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016