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Have you just turned level 10, and are wondering what to do next? Wilderness seems too big and confusing to handle alone? You’ve come to the right place. We've put together a guide to help you reach level 15 in no time at all. Find a quiet spot in the barracks, relax on a bunk, and read through this Leveling Guide: 10-15.

At this point you’re currently in Wilderness, and will be primarily down in the Southern portion of the map at Twin Pillars, Imperial Valley and Ranja Gorge, and in the Northern area of Daghda’s Urn. Before you venture out into the thick of battle, stop in at the Military Surplus inside the Twin Pillars base, and make sure you have the best gear you can afford. A few things to note when shopping at the Surplus: with armor and weapons, Purple/Prototype are the best to be had, followed by Blue/Experimental and Green/Modified. Gray/Normal items are the basic version that can usually be purchased at a vendor. The different weapon and armor types, and the level at which upgrades are available, are listed below:

Weapon Name Class Used By Upgrade Level
Rifles All Classes 11
Pistols All Classes 10, 15
Shotguns All Classes 12
Machine Guns Soldiers 13
Leech Guns Specialists 14
Tools Specialists 10, 15
Armor Type Name Class Used By Upgrade Level
Motor Assist All Classes 13
Reflective Soldiers 14
Hazmat Specialists 14

You should also look into purchasing some consumables at the nearby vendors. Personal 2-way waypoints are a big help when you want to move about the map quickly. You’ll also find Adrenaline, Armor and Power chargers for quick fixes.

Level 10 and Ready to Go!

You will receive several missions inside Twin Pillars, including the remaining Wilderness Logos from Receptive Liaison Standley and the ethical parable choice to smuggle or not. Just outside the Twin Pillars gates, Victor Corman begins a mission series that will eventually lead you to Ranja Gorge. The Outpost Commander wants you to investigate Forean traitors, and will lead you to Memory Tree Hill.

After gathering up all the missions you can find, head east out of the base, and exit through the north force field, toward Memory Hill. You’re going to find an awful lot to do here, as this area is in constant attack mode. Lightbenders, Forean Machina, Shield Drones and Thrax soldiers can all be found here. They travel in packs and new dropships are always coming in. Skirt the outside edge of the hill until you’re understand how many Bane are really there, then make your way up to the top. You’ll find a Logos near the tree, and a Forean Shaman who handles some of your missions.

You can spend quite a bit of time at Memory Tree, whether it’s to farm Drones for your Wilderness ToO mission, grind out some easy xp, or to build up some extra cash to fund your Chaingun habit. The steady flow of mobs means you should have an easy time maintaining a 250% xp bonus, another reason many players enjoy this spot.

Make your way southwest toward the Imperial Valley Control Point. As you approach Gellman Meadow, watch out for the squads of Forean Machina that wander here. Several Bane dropships touch down in the meadow to let off Shield Drones and Thrax soldiers, including a named Boss. Ignore him for now, as you’ll need to take him out for a mission shortly. Run south through the narrow canyon and look for Samuel Corman hiding behind some rocks. You should have a mission update here that will send out to kill that Boss in Gellman Meadow. If you don’t see the Boss right away, wait around for a bit until his spawn time cycles back through. There really isn’t much else here to do, so you can head into the Control Point.

Imperial Valley is a great place to grind out xp, by waiting for the Bane assaults. The mobs around here will be yellow to you for a good amount of time, therefore providing a lot of experience. Several minor Boss mobs will show up here on occasion, giving you the chance to loot some better gear. You can choose to take the Assault and Defense token missions if you want to pick up a crafting modification reward. You’ll meet a sick Corman in this base who needs an escort to the medical facility in Ranja Gorge, a perfect reason to move on.

The mountain path to get to Ranja Gorge is found to the north west of the CP walls. You should notice mission indicators for a Logos here, and the entrance to Crater Lake Instance. Run through the mass of fithiks in the tunnel, and watch for the nasty Monarch at the end. She’s pretty nasty, so make a beeline straight for the village. Run inside the hospital to drop off your Corman, then start running around to pick up all the missions here. Check your map for the Logos cavern in the area, and also another tunnel entrance just past the overhead bridge that leads to the hardest to find ToO cavern. Apart from the fithiks on the way here, you won’t find anymore combat.

Little Miss Muffett

Follow the river north to the waterfall at the end, and jump. Directly across is another Logos to retrieve, and lots of Bane squads roam the area. From the Logos in Lake Corman head west and north, through the red and oozy shard impact area. Giant Xanx spider-like creatures roam here, along with lots more Forean machine. You’ll pass a path on the west side that leads to the Pravus Research Instance. Ahead and slighty east on the other side of a rocky hill is the entrance to Caves of Donn Instance. Along the road in this region you’ll run into flying Predator ships, which you will need to complete a mission from Ranja Gorge. Continue all the way to the north east corner of the map to find the Forean Village of Daghda’s Urn. There are several missions to do here, and a Logos to find in the underground caverns.

These Foreans will send you out to kill a bunch of Xanx, including a giant mama Xanx named Arioch. You’ll take a short trip to help some Forean Rangers at a rock monolith called Stone Anvil. Finally you’ll be sent to Lake Tinctuan near Alia Das to kill the 3 Devils; Bane bosses that are also needed for the Wilderness ToO.

Once you've completed all the missions in Wilderness and fulfilled your duties in each of the 3 instances, you'll be inches away from level 15, and a new class choice. To finish out the rest of level 14, make sure you have completed all the requirements for the Wilderness ToO, and returned to Alia Das to turn it in. The remainder of your level can be won in fights at the CPs or Memory Hill, or you can choose to travel to the next zone over: Concordia Divide. You can reach the zone southeast of Lower Eloh Creek, or just east out the Twin Pillars gates.

One last note, before you rush off to visit your level 15 trainers. Consider cloning your character at level 14.9, before your Tier 3 class choice, so you'll have a chance to try a different profession line. Cloning is a great option for those who want to experience as much of the game as possible, without having to start over from the beginning.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016