by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

There comes a time in every AFS soldiers life when they've reached their potential in Torden Plains and it's time to move on to one of the most interesting zones the games has to offer, Torden Incline. If you thought the Plains were inhospitable, you'll likely find this to be downright hostile thanks to on going battles and volcanic activity. With not only challenges from combat but the environment, this is a natural progression testing your skills as a soldier and a player. You'll also have another encounter with a third faction in this zone that hates you just as much as the Bane.

The Torden Incline is designed for players level 25+ although at 25 you'll want to bring a friend or two for the missions. Content seems soloable fairly easily at level 26 and you can expect to hang out here until around level 28 when you'll be able to transition to Mires.

Torden Plains Areas:

Badlands - Sitting right on the edge of a volcanic lava flow, the Badlands is a control point marked by a large tower in the center of the base. No, we don't know where it goes and it does seem inaccessibly. Here in Baldands you'll find nothing but a basic merchant and a place to turn in your assault/defense tokens which you'll inevitably earn at some point. I would anticipate some further content as time goes along but for now this will just be the quickest way to the Badlands area.

Mires Post - To the far southwest of Incline a small outpost watches over the cave entrance to Torden Mires. While it occasionally sees an attack from Bane patrols, you'll find very little in the way of excitement. This is more or less just a stopping point before Mires to turn in a few quests. The valley to the north will also become the area of operation for a couple missions.

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The Badlands Aren't Friendly

Nyxroq Post - Nyxroq Outpost is the staging ground of a massive assault on a Bane defensive position. The rocky hill to it's north is heavily fortified by a dozen mortars, a few bunkers, and continual reinforcements. This is a not a control point so it's considered a safe spot and one of the first areas you'll go into for missions. You'll probably spend more time finding things to do here than anywhere else in the zone. You won't find more than a teleporter and medic vendor here, but the missions more than make up for it.

Be sure to stop into the bunker and see Field Commander Foletto before heading to the nearby Comm Tower instance.

Ortho - Ortho is probably the closest thing you'll see to a "hub" in your field deployment here. Standing as a defensive position between the east and west Bane forces, this control point sees frequent attacks by waves of transports. Motivation to protect this facility is high because it has the only landing pad in the zone so if you see an attack, take a post. You'll find not only a number of vendors but crafting stations and fast transport.

Ortho is an excellent staging point if you or your squad are considering operations in the Badlands or the Raksha Robotic Facility nearby.


Plains Post - The Plains post is the first stop you'll make in the Incline zone sitting right at the entrance to Torden Plains. Your mission progression will lead you here and provide a few simple objectives that will not only hand out some good experience but give you the lay of the land. It might not look like much, but sandbags and AFS soldiers will give you a sense of security when you first enter this area.

Raintree Post - To the far north of the Nyxroq battle, among the indigenous vegetation, Raintree Post sits in what passes as a forest. Among the giant mushrooms and pools of water you'll find safe haven from not only Bane but native creatures. Field Sergeant Hanna will provide you some interesting tasks that involve assassination and package retrieval so be sure to report for duty.


Comm Tower - Near Nyxroq Post is a large communication facility currently occupied by Bane forces. AFS high command will not only want you to infiltrate this area but clear it of all Bane forces. You'll find a variety of combat encounters but will likely spend more time running around opening locked doors in this apparently very secure building. Be sure to grab the missions from Nyxroq before you and your squad (bring at least one friend) enter the instance.

Ojasa Hive - Located in the far northwest of the Incline, the Ojasa Hive is home to dozens of Atta who aren't too keen on you showing up uninvited. If the memories of the Atta Hive aren't enough to send you into a convulsion, then maybe you have what it takes to infiltrate this instance. This trip will be a little different as you'll see, but pack your laser weapons and Raid for some bug killing.

Raksha Robotic Facility - Reminicsent of where you'd see Terminators created, the Raksha Robotic Facility is hands down the most dangerous a challenging instance in the Incline. At the same time this will be one of the more interesting instances you'll have completed thus far. Requiring you to destroy literally hundreds of robots this is not a trip for the weak of heart or the solo. Bring not only a friend but a stack of EMP bombs and money for repairs.



Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Clarity In a cave whose entrance is at 979, 303. Requires It, Is, Not, and Time Logos. 1181, 414
Create One of three Logos all in the same area on hills. 633, -26
Death In a cave whose entrance is at 979, 303. Requires It, Is, Not, and Time Logos. 1181, 381
Hide One of three Logos all in the same area on hills. 636, -66
Is On an island in the middle of lava 901, 218
It Northwest of Badlands Outpost 209, 530
Near Near the Mires entrance -578, -470
Not Up above a researcher tent on the western end of the zone -904, -12
Teleport One of three Logos all in the same area on hills. 696, -77

We hope this has been helpful in orienting you to all the Torden Incline has to offer. If you see anything out of place or something we should add feel free to email us and you'll get full credit. Also stop by our forums to discuss this and more Tabula Rasa news.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016