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One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create some more playable alts. One of the ways to earn a clone credit is by completing the epic Torden Plains Targets of Opportunities mission.

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Sgt Dekay With His Troops

The Plains Targets of Opportunity mission begins with Sergeant Dekay inside Irendas Penal Facility, between the wormhole and waypoint. Sgt Dekay is easily spotted as the man pacing around a small group of Riflemen in formation. You learn from him that there are 9 target missions to complete in order to finish the ToO and receive your clone credit.

The Extinguisher: Kill 100 Flaregashers. These fire breathing dogs were brought straight from hell. They like to wander the quieter, more out of the way areas of the map where it's easier to sneak up on their victims. You’ll have the most luck in the area southwest of Irendas Penal, and in the murky water area near Geyser Chimney. Flaregashers are immune to fire, and quite vulnerable to ice based weapons.

Plains Manta Raider: Kill 100 Beam Mantas. No, that doesn't say Panties Raider. These flying, electrical junk birds of the Plains are everywhere. You’ll find large concentrations on the hills above Mt. Hellas and the region surrounding Irendas Penal. They are resistant to Electric weapons, but rifles and shotguns will take them out easily.

Bushwacker: Kill 4 Plains Mini-Bosses. You have 4 bosses that are required kills for this ToO. They are:

  • Cracked Tooth, a Flaregasher wandering southwest of Irendas Penal
  • Plains Devil Lord, a Manta flying around 499,437,191
  • Stalker Overlord right in front of the Geyser Chimney Basin CP at 173,432,215
  • The Red Kraken, an Atta found in the Atta Territory region around -263,438,39
  • The Stridernator: Destroy 25 Striders. These giants can be found singly outside the East gate of Irendas Penal, and in packs in the battle grounds between the northern walls of Irendas Penal and Geyser Chimney. EMP Bombs and other pulse or fire weapons are your best bet here.

    Soldier of Prey: Kill 10 Predators. You will find a large concentration of Predators in the southwest corner of Irendas Penal, attacking the AFS troops stationed there. The spawn rate seems bugged, here, as you can sometimes find up to 10 predators all lined up and ready to fight. Often a pair of predators will find and steal Cracked Tooth in this area, one of the bosses needed for the ToO. Predators can be taken down by placing an EMP Bomb underneath, and shooting with EMP and Fire weapons.

    The Diffuser: Destroy 50 Nitroglazers This objective was recently changed from a requirement of 100 Nitroglazers, and is further scheduled to change to 25 Shield Drones in a future patch. As Nitroglazers are only found in the Mires tunnel and at CP Assaults, you may want to wait to complete this portion of the mission until the change has been made. If you’re a glutton for punishment, park yourself at the Irendas Support Facility and fight the never ending assault of Bane. You’re sure to get at least 2 Nitroglazers per hour. Don’t complain to us – we warned you. Like all bots, EMP and fire will take them down.

    The Coroner: Kill 50 Caretakers. The easiest place to find these guys is between Irendas Penal and Geyser chimney, dropping in to support the large numbers of Bane soldiers attacking there. You will also see Caretakers with the CP assault teams. They are immune to Viral attacks, but are pretty weak to anything else.

    Salvager of Shinys: Complete Gather Missions. You’ll run into several NPCs in the Plains that want you to gather various items for their collections or official use. These missions are:

    • One Brann’s Treasure from Mooch at 322,432,-139
    • Viral to the Core from Lieutenant Liu in the Eir Crater Field Hospital at 694,413,231
    • Supplies Interception from Colonel Whitaker in the Command Center tower at 319,498,-43
    • Acquire Electrical Resistor Filters from Slappy in Mt. Hellas at -575,438,396
    • Pretty, Shiny Things from Sgt. Major Ngyen in Irendas Penal at 351,433,-100.

    The Cleaner: Kill 300 Thrax Soldiers. This is an all out kill requirement. Any Bane will do: Soldiers, Caretakes, Technicians etc. Find these guys all over the map, especially at CP assaults.

    Master of Plains: Complete all Targets of Opportunity. Once you have completed all 9 requirements, return to Sgt. Dekay in Irendas Penal Facility for your reward of a clone credit and the Title: Master of Plains. Congratulations!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016