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If you’re interested
in learning more about Cryptic Studios’ Star Trek Online,
then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled
the currently known information about the game into a handy FAQ which
covers everything from general gameplay and crafting to social
networking and beyond. Simply click on any of the questions below and
learn all there is to know about the game’s systems and

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General Information

  • Who is
    Star Trek Online?

    Star Trek
    Online is being developed by Cryptic
    Studios, which is known for previous titles such as City of Heroes and
    Champions Online.

  • When was
    Star Trek Online launched?

    2, 2010

  • Does Star
    Trek Online include micro-transactions?

    Yes, there
    are cosmetic items available but nothing that will provide in-game
    advancement to players, and many items offered through the C-Store will
    be available in-game as well.

  • Is Star
    Trek Online Windows 7 compatible?

    Yes, STO
    does run on Windows 7.

  • Are there
    separate servers or a single universe?

    There is a
    single server for the game, but many instances. The good news is that
    the single server is set to accommodate both North American and
    European players. You can also easily change what instance you are in..

  • Does the
    game support game controllers?

    not yet. However, it is possible to use a 360 controller by manually
    setting keybinds in the options menu within the game.

  • Is there
    integrated voice chat?


  • Can
    players create or use User Interface addons?

    As of yet,
    the answer is no. Portions of the UI will, however, be open for
    modification such as the various HUD elements.

  • Are key
    binding and macros supported?

    binding is supported, with standard MMOG keybindings included as a
    default. Currently, there is no easy macro support in STO.

  • How many
    levels are in the game?

    there are a grand total of 50 levels in Star Trek Online. There are
    five ranks (Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, and
    Rear Admiral) and each rank has 10 grades (levels). For example: being
    level 16 would make you a 6th grade Lieutenant Commander.

Lore Connect

  • What is
    the time setting for the game?

    The game
    is set 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, so around 2409.
    The game is set in the Star Trek universe’s
    “standard timeline” and is not affected by the
    latest Star Trek movie, where an alternate timeline was created.

  • Does the
    peace treaty between the Federation and
    Klingon Empire still exist?

    No, it has
    dissolved and the Federation and Klingon
    Empire are standing at the brink of all out war as explained in a Ten
    Ton Hammer exclusive interview with Cryptic Studios.

    “By 2409, the Khitomer Accords have been dissolved; the
    Klingons and
    Federation are at war again. Romulus has been destroyed which you saw
    in the new movie. The Romulans are trying to rebuild and figure out
    where their place in the galaxy is. The Borg, who have not been seen in
    a long time, are starting to reassert themselves. Some lesser known
    enemies that people just weren't expecting are popping back up. So it's
    all kind of combining for a time of turmoil for the alpha and beta
    quadrants where instead of everything working out, everything is
    starting to fall apart again.”

  • Are the
    Federation and Klingon Empire the only two factions in the game?

    No, but
    players will only be able to create player characters that are aligned
    with the href="">Federation
    or href="">Klingon
    Empire factions. To create a
    character, the player must have a Federation character that is at least
    a Lieutenant grade 5.

  • Can
    players create their own custom race, and if so
    how does that fit into the lore of the Star Trek universe?

    players will be able to create their very own
    custom race using the robust character creation tools. In terms of how
    this fits into the lore:

    “In DS9, if they're not from a Federation planet, they have
    to have a
    recommendation from a Starfleet captain. Starfleet's going to be
    looking at expanding those rules in the 30 years between Nemesis and
    2409 just to be more inclusive of who can be in Starfleet.

    We've also never gotten a full list of the planets that are Federation
    members. We've gotten some of the top ones, but we haven't seen a
    comprehensive list so there's always the possibility that some of these
    custom races may be from Federation planets that just haven't appeared
    on a show.”

  • Will
    players meet and interact with famous Star Trek characters?

    The time
    of the game is set beyond the "sell by" date of the characters we all
    know and love, but be on the lookout for their children and
    grandchildren. One example is Miral Paris, who is the daughter of Tom
    Paris and B'Elanna Torres of the Voyager series.

  • How is
    Leonard Nimoy associated with the game?

    Nimoy, the actor who played Spock (as if you didn’t know!),
    provides voice-over narration for different parts of the game, normally
    when you travel to a new Sector.


  • Where
    does the action occur; can I kill stuff on the ground as well as in

    can take place in space or on the ground,
    with many mission arcs containing some combination of both.

  • How many
    playable factions are there to choose from?

    can only create Federation or Klingon Empire characters at the present
    time. In addition, the player must have a Federation of at least
    Lieutenant grade 5 to create a Klingon character.

  • Does
    exploration play a role in Star Trek Online? Can players be able to go
    where no man has gone before?

    players will be able to go where no man has gone before. Cryptic has
    created the Genesis System, which created random systems and worlds for
    players to explore and have adventures.

  • Are there
    special travel options available to players?

    players can use the Transwarp ability, based upon technology brought
    back by Voyager from the Borgs. Using this ability will warp the player
    back to the Earth Spacedock (if Federation) or Qo'noS (if Klingon
    Empire). This ability has a 30 minute cooldown before it can be used
    again. If you do not see it in your tray, open up your powers/abilities
    menu by hitting ‘P’ and dragging the Transwarp icon
    down to your tray.

  • Speaking
    of travel, does Star Trek Online feature ground vehicles?

    vehicles are not featured in Star Trek Online at the present time,
    unless you count feet!

  • Can
    players upgrade their ships?

    There are many different ways to upgrade your ship cosmetically and in
    functionality. You can modify your ship’s appearance by
    paying a fee for each change, usually hull, saucer, and nacelles. To
    increase the abilities of your ship, you can upgrade the various
    systems, such as engines, shields, weapons, and the bridge consoles.

  • Do ships
    fly at a set speed or can players control that aspect of gameplay
    directly in some way?

    You can
    definitely affect your travel speed beyond ship upgrades. During
    flight, players can transfer power from other systems to boost their
    speed or transfer power to thrusters for a greater turning radius. In
    addition, certain abilities may grant a temporary increase in speed,
    turning radius, and engine power.

    “There are basically three different speed that you move in
    Star Trek
    Online. You travel at warp speed, and whenever you're at warp, you're
    in the astrometric view. That is, you're never in href="">system
    travelling at warp speed. Your fast mode when you're in system space is
    full impulse. It's kind of like putting all of your energy into your
    engines and so that, you know, you can fly around at faster speed. You
    can go between points of interest within a system, you can go out and
    explore that system at a little bit higher rate.

    That being said, when you are at full impulse, all your power's to your
    engine, so you have very little to your shields, and none to your
    weapons. And transferring power over to them takes time, so you don't
    full impulse into combat. You pretty much full impulse kind of right
    out of range, let your systems charge back up again, and then go into
    combat. But, during combat, you're going at less than quarter impulse
    when you're going into combat. You can change your throttle, you can
    change your speed, you can still transfer energy to your engines so
    that you end up going faster. You get to the encounter, and then figure
    out how fast you're going to go to get into battle.“

  • Can I fly
    from my bridge just like in the movies and TV shows?

    No, you
    cannot do so. In space the view is set to third-person so players won't
    be able to control movement directly from the ship's bridge. Players
    can zoom in close to view the ship, but the "positional aspect" of
    space combat requires a more holistic view of the area.

  • What is
    the bridge used for?

    you can use the bridge of your ship as a meeting place to see and talk
    to other players. You can go to your bridge by first clicking on the
    triangle icon (listed as “More”) on the right side
    of the mini-map and clicking “Visit the Bridge”
    option. You can invite other players from anywhere in the universe to
    join you on your bridge; they do not have to be close by to your ship.
    Cryptic has stated that they have more plans for bridges in the future.

  • Does Star
    Trek Online have PvP?

    Yes, Star
    Trek Online has both ground and space based PvP. Space PvP between
    Federation and Klingon takes place in the Eta Eridani Sector Block,
    while Klingon versus Klingon takes place in the Omega Leonis. You can
    also join a queue to enter into PvP. To join a queue, click on the
    triangle icon (called “More”) on the right side of
    your mini-map and select “Join PvP Queue.” A list
    of events will be shown and you will be able to join any one that you
    wish. Most PvP scenarios require at least 5 players per side before
    they will begin.

  • Are
    instances used in the game?

    Most of
    the PvE content is instanced content. The vast majority of the content
    is a 5 player limit instance. For example: if you have a mission to go
    to a specific sector and defeat any enemy ships interfering with
    Federation mining operations, other players can join in the same
    instance as you. When you enter that specific system, if another player
    (or players) are already there, their actions will count towards your
    goal of completing the mission. The same is true if another player
    joins you while you are in the middle of your mission. Note that you do
    not have to team up as a group to complete the mission. A maximum of 5
    players can be in the same instance before another instance for that
    system is created for new players.

  • Does the
    endgame content include raids of some sort?

    Yes, there
    are 5 man raids, called Special Task Force missions (originally called
    raidisodes) and require a 5 player team. You will not be able to do any
    of these raids solo. In addition, they require a rank of Rear Admiral
    or Brigadier General to get the mission. Enemies found in the STFs
    range from level 45 to level 47. Cryptic is considering 10 man and 25
    main STFs in the future, depending upon feedback from the 5 man STFs.

  • Are there
    crowd control type mechanics in combat?

    beams and other hold abilities are available in space combat. One such
    example is the Viral Matrix ability, which immobilizes a starship.
    Ships are like sharks so they must keep moving and try to avoid
    immobilization or risk rapid shield depletion. Crowd control abilities
    also play a role in ground combat, such as the Draw Fire or Suppressing
    Fire abilities.

  • Can I
    escape from combat situations if things get out of hand in space or
    ground combat?

    Yes, you
    can do so, but you have to run really far away from combat, which
    isn’t always possible. If you are engaged in space combat,
    you can warp out of the system if you manage to get away. On the
    ground, you can beam out back to your bridge.

  • Is there
    loot in Star Trek Online, and if so, how is it be distributed?

    end up doing kind of loot sharing whenever a drop
    happens. There's round robin and chancing based on the level
    discrepancies between players. The loot basically drops for a certain
    person within the group. And they can deal with trading or not trading,
    but we kind of round robin it so that it's kind of a fair loot drop. So
    I'm not going to be able to steal your loot.”

  • Is Star
    Trek Online an item-centric game?

    Star Trek
    Online isn’t a totally item-centric game. Items that you
    loot, get from drops or buy from vendors do have an impact on your
    character, but your main abilities stem from the skills that you
    purchase in the game. That being said, always make sure to equip the
    best possible items that you have at your disposal.

    more item-centric than Cryptic has done in the
    past, but the design approach is that character development and away
    team development would be the primary focus. So as you get better
    ships, it improves your baseline as you go up levels. As you advance
    and improve your skills, you become more and more powerful. The items
    are meant more to augment and be hooks for that. Items are still very
    important, but it's not a design to make them a central focus of the

  • Do
    players have a bank vault or account-wide vault of some sort?

    have both a bank vault and their own personal inventory. As the
    player’s character gets higher levels, more slots are added
    to the bank vault and the inventory. Items within the bank can be
    retrieved from any bank location. Items from the character’s
    personal inventory can be given to the player’s character,
    any of the bridge officers, or to the player’s ship. If you
    find yourself running out of room, give some items to your bridge
    officers to carry until you get to a bank. As for bank accounts being
    account-wide, they are currently not.

  • How do
    players personalize their characters in terms of skills or abilities?

    can personalize their characters by spending skill points. These skill
    points are spent in a variety of skills, and having a certain level
    within a skill will unlock an ability that the player can use, such as
    Attack Pattern Alpha. Certain abilities are only available to certain
    classes, such as Tactical or Science.

    Players can also spend sill points on their bridge officers to have
    them increase their skills and unlock abilities.

    “Our characters are a bit more complex than the average MMOG
    in that
    you as a player are playing your own Captain but then you are also
    responsible for your Bridge Officers as well as your crew on your
    entire starship. This means that any given moment that you are playing,
    you are improving all those assets. You have a personal career choice
    as a Captain, which can be Tactical, Engineer or Science. As you
    develop your character and acquire bridge officers they will also be
    either Tactical officer, Engineering officers and Science officers that
    you are developing.”

  • Can
    players group up for ground combat and be part of the away team?

    Yes, they
    can. You can have up to 5 people in your away team, which can be any
    combination of players and bridge officers. For example: you and a
    friend are grouped together. When you go to beam down, 2 slots are held
    for you and your friend. You fill the remaining 3 slots from bridge
    officers from your crews.

  • Will the
    traditional MMOG trinity of Healer, Tank and DPS classes exist in group

    The answer
    to that question is both yes and no. The Tactical officer is built
    along the lines of a DPS, the Science officer is similar to a healer,
    and the Engineer is close to a tank, but there are some differences.
    The line of the holy trinity is blurred somewhat in STO in that all 3
    specialties can be really personalized by their skill choices.
    Following a Tactical path with abilities and skills that enhance your
    damage with phasers will make you a better DPS than an Engineer or
    Science officer, but neither of those two other classes will be totally
    gimped in combat compared to a Tactical officer. Overall, the holy
    trinity is a shadow of itself in STO, but you can see the influence
    upon the three careers.

    roles are a little more blurred for Star Trek,
    certainly everyone is a capable DPS player, and you have to have that.
    Everyone has the ability to access and equip their ground characters
    with various weapons, there is not really weapon restrictions as to
    you’re a science officer so you have to use this,”
    everyone has a wide
    variety of ground weapons and therefore everyone is dealing out a good
    deal of DPS. Now depending on your career choice and the abilities you
    get from that you augment that in different ways. A tactical officer
    does end up augmenting a lot of their capability with more damage and
    variety of delivering damage. The engineer is more about survival, I
    wouldn’t call him a tank, but it’s more about
    survival. The engineer,
    depending on which career branch you follow, that is a control, debuff
    and can potentially offer heals if you follow the doctor branch. In
    terms of strict ok you’re the tank you’re going to
    grab all the agro
    and then were going to burn it down in a kill order, were trying to
    avoid that traditional model."

  • Are
    players able to change their character’s path once
    they’ve selected a specific career?

    You will
    be able to change their path to a degree. You cannot change your field
    (Tactical, Engineering, and Science), but you can redo your skills
    through a variety of means. You can spend Merits/Honor in-game to redo
    your skills. The cost depends upon your rank. The higher your rank, the
    greater the cost will be. You can also buy a retraining token from the
    Cryptic store (the C-Store). You also get a free retraining token when
    you level to the next higher rank, such as from Lieutenant to
    Lieutenant Commander. Just remember that you can only have one
    retraining token at a time. If you get another, the old one is lost.

  • My UI
    says that I’m an 11th grade Lieutenant; how do I become a
    Lieutenant Commander?

    When you
    hit the next grade past 10 for your rank, you’ll be listed as
    an 11th grade of that rank. To become a 1st grade of the next higher
    rank, you’ll need to talk to the brass to be promoted.

  • How do I
    level my character?

    To level
    your character, you’ll have to spend your skill points. Each
    grade and rank requires a prerequisite amount of skill points to be
    spent to achieve advancement.

  • Do I get
    new ships when I level?

    You are
    able to get a new ship ( href="">Federation
    or href="">Klingon,
    depending upon your faction) when you hit the next higher tier (an
    would be going from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander). Your new ship
    will be equipped, but will not have any bridge consoles.

  • Can I get
    more ships?

    Yes, you
    are able to purchase additional ships if you wish by spending Energy

  • What are
    bridge officers?

    officers are NPCs who are under your direct command. They will
    accompany you on away missions and man consoles on your bridge. Bridge
    officers can rise in rank and have skills which you can spend skill
    points on. In addition, bridge officers will have special abilities
    based upon their skills and specialty.

  • What are
    Fleet Actions?

    Actions are large scale missions that can have up to 20 players per
    side. Fleet Actions can take place in space, ground combat, or both.
    Some Fleet Actions are repeatable, such as “Starbase
    24,” while others are a full episode. At the end of the Fleet
    Action, items are rewarded to the participants, with the better items
    reserved for those who contributed the most to the action.


  • Are there
    guilds or fleets in Star Trek Online?

    Guilds are
    called fleets in Star Trek Online. Currently, you’ll enjoy
    standard MMOG guild trappings by joining a fleet, which is a fleet
    bank, ranks, and calendars. You also get an additional costume slot so
    you will be able to have a fleet uniform.

  • How many
    ranks are available within a fleet?

    There are
    currently 7 different ranks available within
    a given fleet, and each of those can be modified and given different

  • What are
    the benefits to being in a fleet?

    the main benefit to belonging to a fleet, beyond easier socialization
    and grouping with your fleet members, is that characters will gain an
    extra uniform slot for their captain so that you may have both a
    personal and fleet uniform to choose from.

  • Are there
    fleet announcements or activity logs?

    of the interesting things we’ve recently put in
    is the ability to see what your fleet members have been doing while you
    were offline. You can see an activity log of what’s been
    going on.
    Major events like boss defeats and leveling up are put in the log that
    everyone can go look at to see what’s been happening
    recently. That’s
    just an example of things we’re adding to make the fleet feel
    alive and a participatory event.”


  • Does Star
    Trek Online feature tradeskills or crafting?

    isn't exactly conventional in STO. There are
    really two forms of crafting that fulfill the crafting. There is
    essentially bridge officer crafting. The trade skills are really your
    skills that you are skilling up throughout the game. If you skill up in
    Photon Torpedo for instance, as you get to the end of that tier, you
    get the abilitiy to train bridge officers in Photon Torpedo Salvo or
    Spread or whatever skill it happens to be. If you are a Captain that is
    a tactical officer you are going to be able to be the best tactical
    bridge officer trainer and it you are science officer, you can train
    the best in science bridge officer trainer and then you'll be able to
    trade those skills. In order for you to get the best tactical bridge
    officer skills anywhere in the game you will have to learn those from
    the player trainer who is a good tactical trainer. The tradeskills are
    your own personal skills that will unlock abilities to improve your
    bridge officers.

    Bridge officers start off the game with a certain number of skills.
    You'll find new bridge officers along the way to learn skills, however
    the best trainers in the game will be players. The idea is that you
    will be collecting all of these skills, and trying to make the best
    build, or craft the best bridge officer you can. That is one of the
    major forms of crafting is the building of bridge officers almost like
    commodities and you will trade them among other players.

    The second form of crafting is more traditional, and that is Memory
    Alpha. If you are familiar with the IP, Memory Alpha is a planet, or
    computer, that contains all of the essential core knowledge of
    Starfleet. So we have that planet in the game. It is a hub of knowldege
    in the universe. Throughout the universe as you are travelling you'll
    find harvesting nodes. You'll find space anamolies, pick up some
    mineral samples, alien artifacts and not unlike you see in other games.
    You'll scan for these and then collect them. You can bring these back
    to Memory Alpha and you can use those bits of knowledge to unlock
    recipes. If you have the right components then you can build a super
    tachian rifle with whatever stats you need to put onto that rifle.
    First you'll have to invest in a Tachian Rifle, the samples, and some
    energy and you'll be able to craft that item. As you craft more items
    at Memory Alpha you'll unlock more recipes and be able to craft more
    advanced and exotic items.”

  • Can I
    craft weapons or ship upgrades?

    You will
    be able to create numerous types of items in
    Star Trek Online, including things such as ground weapons and ship
    weapons or upgrades. You can also collect different types of components
    which can unlock different paths or types of items that you can create.

  • How does
    crafting work, and can I fail at crafting?

    is fairly straight forward in that you'll
    gather components which will then be combined at different crafting
    stations. Clicking on the station will bring up a list of your
    components as well as a list of available recipes for that specific
    station. Crafting an item is an instant process, and you can not fail
    during the process. Basically if you know a recipe, you can create that
    item instantly so long as you own the components and are at the proper

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016