you picked the path of the Cleric, you signed a contract
secretly.  A Daeva of healing must dedicate themsevles to
little more than the status of health bars.  We have the tools
to make or break every party and every situation.  So to
ensure your career as a healing hand is a pleasant one, we'll breakdown
each heal and where it falls situationally.


Mp Cost
- Small

Amount Healed
- Moderate, but on the lower side of channeled heals.

- Good.

Cast Time/Cooldown
- 2 seconds / None

Healing Light is what you'll be
using to heal when damage is steadily
coming in on a softer target that you can't risk a Radiant Cure on, or
when Radiant Cure is down on your tanks and you need to keep the health
flowing.  It'll always reside at the lower end of your MP
costs and maintains high efficency.  The downside is that you
don't get a lot of healing for the cast time out of it.  For
instance, when you get Healing Light IV you'll be tossing out heals for
about 1000.  That's 500 per second of cast time, and will lose
horribly to any of your other heals.  Healing Light will beat
the other heals out in the other categories however, so if you don't
need to save a target, or heal massive damage, Healing Light is your
ticket to top off those party members.


MP Cost
- Moderately High

Amount Healed
- Huge

- Highest for a single target, but make sure they actually
need all of this health.

Cast Time/Cooldown
- 3 seconds / 6 seconds

Radiant Cure is the all-in heal
for your tanks.  If your tank
can endure the punishment for 3 seconds and is missing (or is about to
be missing) a lot of their health, start charging this.  If
you aren't sure or don't want to risk it, you need to use a fast heal
to set up a cushion for the cast time so this heal can go to
work.  Radiant Cure can also be used after Penance in a safe
zone to restore you to full before or after using it so you can get
back to slaying.  It's important to note that the lighter
armor classes will be more than likely overhealed by this. 
Use smaller heals to get those leather and cloth weaklings back in the
game so you don't waste your cooldown or MP.  When it comes to
HP healed vs. time spent casting, this is going to win on single
targets every time.

of Rejuvenation

MP Cost
- Barely Exists

Amount Healed
- Moderate over 30 seconds

- Amazing

Cast Time/Cooldown
- Instant / 5 seconds

Our heal over time is inferior
to the the Chanter version, but it still
is worth using.  As you gain healing passives and take flight,
it'll grow to a more comparable power.  This should always be
up on your tanks or whoever is about to be on the receiving end unless
they are going down in 2 seconds.  It's best used on DPS
classes that aren't in any danger that could use a little love, so
anyone 75-90% HP typically.  We do have a lot of heals,
however.  If you have to remove one from the bar to save your
hand from having to reach all the way across the keyboard, this would
likely be the first to go.  The cooldown prevents it from
being easily handed around to the party or alliance.  It is an
effective counter to damage over time aftermath effects and spells, but
why not just dispel them?

of Recovery

MP Cost
- Moderate

Amount Healed
- Moderate

- Also Moderate.

Cast Time/Cooldown
- 1 second / 2 seconds

heal is a pain in the ass, to be honest.  It's fast
enough that you can use it in a pinch.  It's quick enough to
cooldown that it can be reliably looked to, but the fact that it has a
cooldown means it can't be spammed.  The efficency is
decent.  Basically it's everything you could ask for in a
solid heal but you can't always be casting it.  Light of
Recovery is a solid heal to use when things are getting ugly or you
need to keep yourself alive under heavy fire.  A one second
cast time is usually fast enough to avoid interruption attempts in PvP,
and you can mix it in between Healing Lights to increase the amount of
healing a tank is receiving in between Radiant Cures.


- Very High

Amount Healed
- Moderately High, to the whole party

- After a party-wide AOE?  The best we've
got.  If only two or three people need it?  Fairly

Cast Time/Cooldown
- 3.5 seconds / 6 seconds

your tank can survive a further beatdown after a wide area of effect
attack, you'll load this heal up.  If you can afford the time
to do it, using Grace of the Empyrean Lord beforehand is advised since
the MP cost is huge on this heal.  Even with the terrible
efficency from an MP perspective, if only a few people need a lot of
healing but they need healing fast, throw this out there and go to work
with single targets after that.

of Recovery

- High

Amount Healed
- Varies depending on Stigma level vs. your
level.  Moderate to Moderately High, generally.

- Garbage.

Cast Time/Cooldown
- Instant / 30 seconds

you have to bring someone from the brink of death before the killing
blow lands, this is it.  Slam this button and get right on
them with a real heal shortly after it.  A quick Flash
-> Light of Recovery -> Radiant Cure is enough to get a
tank back in the game with a respectable amount of HP
typically.  Save it for yourself in PvP, and use it sooner
rather than later.  You never know when that stun or knockdown
will be inbound and next thing you know that instant heal will be ready
to go at the Obelisk or Kisk instead of used on the field of battle.

in Aion is much more involved than most MMORPGs due to the
cooldown on our spells.  You have to pick the right heal for
the moment or you'll get caught unable to do what needs to be done two
seconds later.  Don't be intimidated by the fact that your
healing skill bar will be almost full of blue icons.  Practice
makes perfect.  Once you learn what the bosses are capable of,
you'll be better at anticipating the damage and getting the heal off
just as it happens, or as the assassin looks to make use of his Rune
Carve.  Now get out there, and .... heal some
people!  There really is no enthusiastic way to put that, is

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016