War has broken out in Guild Wars with the Shining Blade declaring war against the oppressive White Mantle. The Shining Blade is currently building up forces in order to begin the assault against the White Mantle in the latest series of the Guild Wars Beyond updates. Kryta is in a state of conflict right now and it’s up to brave adventurers like you to come in and intervene.

As it stands there is not a lot in the game right now that is interactive, outside of the dialogues at the Shining Blade Camp and the Lion’s Arch Keep (click here to find out how to gain access). However, there will be many quests and battles added in the future as the war continues to evolve from a simple piece of paper handed out at game conventions to Lion’s Arch showing the Shining Blade’s banners on the walls.

War in Kryta - News from the Front

The Shining Blade have recaptured Lion’s Arch. A new NPC will teleport you to the keep as long as you’ve unlocked the first five dialogues at the camp. Click here for details on getting the dialogues to appear.

The War in Kryta – What is it About?

Spoilers below! Don’t read if you don’t want major plot points spoiled.

The White Mantle is a group of religious zealots who worship the Unseen Ones (which are really the Mursaat, a race of evil humanoids who would have stopped at nothing to keep the Door of Komalie closed and prevent the return of the titans, a race that could utterly wipe them out. Yet, they failed, the door was opened and the majority of their race was destroyed and the Titans were resealed shortly afterward.

The Shining Blade, a group of rebels, were there to help the adventurers through the story by assisting in obtaining the Scepter of Orr (which is used to control the Titans) and helping the adventurers along until the Mursaat and the White Mantle are eventually defeated. Yet, this was not their end.

Not all of the Mursaat were defeated that eventful day when the Flameseeker Prophecies were fulfilled. A few remained and so did the White Mantle, a group that was now in charge of Kryta. The Shining Blade has been building up forces since then and is now preparing to go to war against the White Mantle and retake their lands.


The event started during GDC 2010 and the Emerald City Comicon where black and white fliers were handed out with QR Codes (scannable codes that can contain links) that led players to a viral marketing campaign site that had the same fliers in color. These posters were eventually defaced and then restored with hints leading to other pages. This eventually led toward the “War in Kryta” reveal along with a preview of the now live Shining Blade Camp.

Meanwhile, two Facebook accounts were started, one for the White Mantle and another for the Shining Blade, that are now being updated on a regular basis with links and story related text. It’s a great idea to “like” these pages if you’re a big fan of Guild Wars so you can see the updates unfold as they happen.

Of course, in-game events began shortly after all of this. Random encounters with either the White Mantle and the Shining Blade or Peacekeepers were happening all through Kryta. Then, on April 08, 2010 the Shining Blade camp was added into Talmark Wilderness (click here to find out how to get there). Since then different dialogues have been unlocked slowly building up to the all out war between the Shining Blade and the White Mantle.

On May 14th a new area in Lion’s Arch was introduced for players who have seen all of the previous dialogues at the camp. An NPC will teleport players to the Lion’s Arch Keep which opens up about 10 new dialogues revealing even more about the current state of the war.

War in Kryta Walkthroughs

Random Encounters

While exploring Kryta you may run into a random encounter that will either result in the Peacekeepers attacking you or a bit of lore behind the events revealed. Peacekeepers have a chance of dropping random unique weapons.

The Shining Blade Camp

Follow this map to get to the camp.

The Shining Blade Camp is an explorable mini-city in Talmark Wilderness that is only available to players who have completed the Prophecies Campaign or the Eye of the North Campaign. If you have either campaign (you don’t have to do both but you’ll need all three campaigns and the expansion to see everything here) then you won’t see the camp. Getting to the camp is simple. There are two ways there. The first is from the Temple of the Ages and the second is from Fisherman’s Haven. Both paths are very easy to follow. See our maps below to find your way there.

When you enter the camp you’ll start a dialogue. There are three total dialogues that you can start right now. Simply exit back out and reenter to see the new dialogue. When you are finished with the “new recruits” dialogue (where Gareth and Saphir discuss recruits) you’ll be able to access a fourth dialogue only if you’ve finished the “Trial of Zinn.” The Trial of Zinn requires the Eye of the North to be completed along with Zinn’s Task (thereby requiring you to own all three campaigns plus the expansion).

The fifth dialogue requires you to have finished Thackeray’s Scavenger Hunter and spoken with Gwen afterward to unlock this one. You then need to visit the Ice Cliff Chasms in order to see the dialogue.

The Lion’s Arch Keep

In order to access the keep you’ll need to have seen all five dialogues described above and then speak with the Lion's Arch Keep Gate Guard who will allow you access to the keep. To see all of the first five dialogues you’ll need to have all three campaigns plus the Eye of the North expansion. Once inside the keep you’ll be able to start a new dialogue (the sixth one) which unlocks five additional dialogues at the Shining Blade Camp and four additional dialogues within the keep.

War Supplies

War Supplies come from the various quests available, with bonus supplies for completing the daily "Wanted" missions in hard mode. You can also trade 3 Confessor's Orders for one War Supply which are found as random drops from Peacekeepers found throughout the Kryta region. For 25 War Supplies you can get a Medal of Honor which currently has no use though is expected to once the current state of the war has progressed. 15 War Supplies will give you a Royal Gift. The Royal Gift has a chance to drop consumables, Minatures (Evennia, Livia, and Princess Salma), scrolls, a Shining Blade War Horn (3 allies/30 minutes), and other random items like Salvage Kits.


Wanted missions work similar to the Zaishen Challenge Quests (specifically the Boss Bounty) in that they change each day and ask you to defeat a specific White Mantle boss. You'll need to have seen four dialogues (meaning you'll have to have done Zinn's Task) and you'll find the quests inside of the Lion's Arch Keep. You'll receive 500 gold, 1,000 experience, and 7 War Supplies (an additional 3 War Supplies for hard mode) for each hunt you do. The bosses are found someplace in Kryta and are your standard Peacekeeper.

There is one quest for each day, it takes three days (two days if you do Hard Mode) to get your first War Supplies assuming you do not farm for "Confessors Orders" which drop off of Peacekeeper bosses or find Courier Falken and do his run. It takes 3 of those for one War Supply.

Courier Falken also becomes available. He will show up in random Kryta zones and ask for your help in escorting him. If you escort him from one portal to the next he will award you with 500-1000 Gold, 2500-500 EXP, and 10-12 War Supplies depending on the location (less for North Kryta, more for Nebo Terrace and Watchtower Coast). He is repeatable, just zone out and back in over and over until he appears again. This is a great way to farm massive amounts of War Supplies if you have patience.

That’s all we have now. Come discuss the war on our forums and be sure to bookmark this page. We’re going to be updating it as new events unfold on the battlefront.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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