Before we stride boldly into the future, it behooves us to pause a moment and see what has come before. What follows is an overview of all of the Ten Ton Hammer EVE Online guides published during 2011. If you are looking to learn about EVE Online, this is probably the guide for you.

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Introductory Guides

This guides deal with introducing new players to EVE Online, or re-introducing older players to a game that has changed since they spent time away.

What Is EVE Online? An introduction for players that are curious about EVE Online, which is pretty much the premier science fiction MMO game.

The EVE Forums: An overview of the official EVE Online forums. Because EVE has such an intense meta-game, communicating with other players is critical.

Five Fun Activities For Newbies: Some simple activities that new players can do without overmuch reading or prepartion. Just be sure to do the tutorial, first!

Playing EVE Online For Free: In a world of free-to-play and pay-to-win MMOs, EVE Online's financial model can prove confusing. This guide explains how playing EVE for free works.

Ten Things For Veteran Players In The Crucible Expansion: EVE Online's most recent free expansion has a lot to offer to returning players. Check out this guide and see if it might not be time to come back.

EVE Online Mission Guides

Missions are perhaps the most common day to day activity for EVE Online players. These guides help you run missions intelligently, to earn more ISK in the long-term and shorten the grind to the lucrative level four missions.

Guide To EVE Missions: An introductory guide to running missions in EVE Online. A great overview for new players looking to start earning ISK.

Grinding Caldari Standings (Part 1, Part 2): A guide to shortening the all-important grind for access to higher missions, with regards to the popular Caldari NPC faction.

Best EVE Agents: Lai Dai: Lai Dai is a Caldari-aligned NPC corporation that specializes in research and development. Read this guide to find out why they are one of the best corporations to run missions for.

FAQ: Missions: Some simple yet common questions about running missions for pirates, and how mission pay compares to other activities.

FAQ: Ratting: A guide to killing NPCs for their ISK bounties. Some handy advice for players living out in null-sec.

Changes To Mission Agents: A summary of some major changes made to EVE Online's mission agent system that will be very handy to players returning after a year away from EVE. New players can skip this one.

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EVE Online Planet Guides

"Planetary interaction" is the catch-all term for using planets to produce and process valuable materials. These materials make up an ever more important portion of EVE Online's economy and, importantly, are incredibly newbie-accessible as an activity. It is possible to start using planets to make ISK on your very first day, if so desired.

Market Guide: Planets: A look at the planetary materials market in the wake of the Crucible expansion. which changed many of the game mechanics involved.

Simple Profits With Planets: An outline of some lucrative business models for using planets in EVE Online.

Making Rocket Fuel With Planets: A guide to making rocket fuel, one of the more valuable materials that can be produced easily with just a single planet.

Supplying Starbases With Planets: A look at sourcing starbase fuel locally, with planets.

Player-Owned Customs Offices: The Crucible expansion brought some major changes to the way planets and their customs offices work in EVE Online. Learn how to profit off them with this guide (or at least how to avoid getting gouged too badly).

Building A Customs Office: What, you thought customs offices grew on trees? Learn how to make this critical component of planetary industry in this guide.

The Economics Of Customs Offices: An in-depth look at the profitability of owning and running a planetary customs office. This guide includes an answer to the all-important question "is it worth it?"

EVE Online Trade Guides

If there is one thing EVE Online is famous for, it is its incredibly treacherous metagame. But the economy is a close second! The economy is incredibly laissez faire, with almost everything being generated and sold by players. There is also very little hand-holding, which is why these guides will help.

Basic Markets In EVE: An explanation of how some of EVE Online's economic activities function that was followed up with a look at some more niche-y areas of the market.

Three Newbie Business Ideas: Some good, down to earth ideas for how to start earning ISK in EVE Online.

Playing Market Games: Some detailed tricks for using the market, coupled with some advice about investment strategies.

Bargain Hunting In Jita: Tips and tricks for grabbing deals in EVE Online's most populated trade hub.

The Market Discussion Forum: A look at the most business-oriented of EVE Online's official forums.

Life As A Pirate Merchant: A look at how to set up and run a market in the middle of pirate-infested space. I wanted to call this guide "how to sell things to people that are trying to kill you" but it wouldn't fit.

The Looming Technetium Crash: A predictive look at the future of EVE Online, and the (still) looming crash of technetium, the most coveted substance in EVE Online.

Five Commodities To Watch During Hulkageddon: A guide giving specific advice for profiting from the player-run "hulkageddon" event, as well as more general advice to earning ISK from things happening in the larger world of EVE Online.

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EVE Online Industry Guides

The crafting system in EVE Online is incredibly intricate, with many ins, outs, twists, turns, and cul-de-sacs. These guides suggest profitable production models, or give industry-specific examples that can easily be re-purposed for your own needs.

Making Battlecruiser Care Packages: A business model based on compressing huge ships into small, easily-transported containers. Later followed up with a guide to Making Battleship Care Packages and Battlecruiser Care Packages In The Crucible Expansion.

Inventing Hounds The Easy Way (Part 1, Part 2): A guide to inventing and building the hound, one of the most popular stealth bombers in EVE Online.

Building Raven Battleships: A seriously in-depth look at how much ISK is to be made, just building plain old Caldari Ravens in high-sec space.

Building An Archon: A guide to building the Amarr Archon, a member of the carrier ship type. Building capital ships is one of the most difficult industrial tasks in EVE Online.

Five Ways To Make ISK In Crucible: Five ways to earn ISK in the post-Crucible world of EVE Online.

EVE Online Combat Guides

For many, combat is the most fun part of EVE Online. Whether it is taking on some NPC Blood Raiders or getting on your first titan killmain, EVE Online's combat is made more fun by knowing that it plays for keeps.

FAQ: Basic Combat & CONCORD: Eight common questions about combat and CONCORD, the NPC police force that maintains law and order in high-security space.

Five Tips For Traveling Safely: Much of EVE Online's combat occurs incidentally, during travel between locations. This guide helps players bypass the dangerous parts of travel.

Five Handy Tips For Combat: Some small ways to improve your PvP game.

Training Gunnery Skills: Weapon support skills are critical to being effective in combat, whether against NPCs or players. Read this guide to find out what you should be working on.

Dealing With Griefers: How to cope with EVE Online's most "friendly" personalities, and avoid some of their most common tricks.

The ABCs Of Piracy: A fun look at the essentials of the piratical lifestyle.

Five Ways To PvP Without Honor: A jerk's guide to fighting in EVE Online.

Free Anniversary Gift: Quafe Zero: A look at Quafe Zero, a consumable booster that augments players' combat abilities.

FAQ: Cloaking: Some simple questions and answers about the all-important cloaking modules.

Hulkageddon IV: A detailed explanation of the fourth player-run "hulkageddon" event.

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EVE Online Ship Guides

EVE Online has several hundred unique ships. To my shame, I could probably tell you what every single one does (even the obscure tournement prizes). You don't need to do that, but you do need to figure out how to fit your ship with modules, whether it is for running missions or gate camping in low-sec.

EVE Ships: Mission Punisher: The Punisher is an eminently newbie-accessible Amarr frigate that excels at level 1 missions.

The Four Best Cruisers To Fly In Missions: A look at the four best tech I cruisers for running low-level missions. This is definitely a good read for new players.

EVE Ships: Mission Vexor: The Vexor is a fantastic Gallente ship for running level 1 and level 2 missions.

EVE Ships: Mission Maller: EVE Online's toughest tech I cruiser is the Maller, an Amarr vessel that can use its exceptional tank to great effect when running missions.

An Overview Of Battlecruisers: A pre-Crucible look at the battlecruisers available to each race. This guide weighs the pros and cons of these newbie-friendly ship classes.

EVE Ships: Mission Prophecy: How to fly the incredibly durable Prophecy in missions. This Amarr battlecruiser's humongous tank allows it to take on even the really tough missions.

EVE Ships: Mission Myrmidon: The Mydmidon is a Gallente battlecruiser that excels are running missions, especially if the person using them is only half-paying attention.

EVE Ships: Gank Hurricane: A guide to flying the Hurricane, a Minmatar battlecruiser that is exceptionally deadly yet accessible to newer players.

EVE Ships: Improving Drakes: Seven ways to get more performance from the Caldari-race Drake battlecruiser, easily the most popular ship in EVE Online.

EVE Ships: Autopilot Mammoth: The Minmatar Mammoth is an exceptional industrial ship in and of itself, but also has a special application that is explained in this guide.

EVE Ships: Flying A Hulk During Hulkageddon: A guide to "reverse ganking" with the Hulk mining vessel during the periodic "hulkageddon" player-run event.

EVE Ships: Tackling Hyena: The electronic attack frigates are a dusty corner of EVE Online's ship repertoire, but they are not without their uses. Especially the Hyena, a Minmatar vessel that excels at catching ships that are trying to escape.

EVE Ships: Gank Manticore: The Caldari Manticore is one of the most popular stealth bombers in EVE Online, and with good reason.

EVE Online Political Guides

The world of EVE is expansive and convoluted, despite being contained on a single shard. These guides explain some of the geography and politics of EVE.

A Basic Primer To Space (Part 1, Part 2): A series discussing the different areas of space in the world of EVE Online. These guides are especially helpful to new players that are just starting to learn about the differences between high-, low-, and null-sec.

The Council Of Stellar Management: A guide explaining the role of the CSM, a council of players elected by their peers, who get to glimpse behind the curtain at CCP's inner workings.

Ten Tips For Moving To Null-Sec: This guide helps with the difficult transition from high-security space to pirate-infested null-sec. This was followed up with this guide to Moving Your Corporation To Null-Sec.

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The Changing Nature Of Alliances: An article exploring how several Incarna-era game changes modified corporate and alliance models of operation.

Life In Low-Sec: A look at what it is like living in EVE Online's most desolate stretch of space.

EVE Regions: Delve: An in-depth look at the Delve region of null-sec space, with some added commentary on the region as it appeared during August of 2011.

EVE In 2011, A Retrospective: A look back at the state of the game during 2011, including the major political upheavals and a prognosis for EVE Online's future. The companion guide to this one.

EVE Online Starbases

Player-owned starbases, or POS for short, are a huge pain in the butt. This befits their status as the vehicles for the biggest industrial projects in EVE Online. Still, some heavy reading is necessary to become familiar with them. Seriously, I can't imagine how the first EVE players figured out how to use them.

Starbases Made Simple (Part 1, Part 2): An overview of how to use starbases, the acme of industry in EVE Online.

Five Tricks For Using Starbases: Five small tricks that can make a big difference in your life as an EVE pilot. If you use starbases, anyway.

Moon Reaction DIY: A guide to setting up a reaction starbase, one of the "big" ways to earn ISK in EVE Online.

EVE Online Miscellaneous Guides

The wacky, the wild, and the wonderful, these guides include some of our most popular specimens.

Thirty Things To Do In EVE Online: Thirty ways to occupy oneself in the sandbox-style world of EVE Online. This popular guide was later followed up with a still more popular guide, Twenty More Things To Do In EVE Online, and this Guide To Keeping Busy.

Seven Things To Do In Your Captain's Quarters: Some suggestions for ways to pass the time while basking in the visual luxury of one's captain's quarters.

Seven Ways To Play EVE Without Playing EVE: A look at EVE Online's rich metagame and ways to work on EVE even while out-of-game.

FAQ: Petitioning Gamemasters: The only thing worse than losing a ship to a game bug is not getting it reimbursed because of a badly worded petition. This guide helps with that.

EVE Online's Amazing New Avatars: A look at the new character creator introduced in the Incarna expansion.

PAX East '11 Fan Meet: A look what happens when CCP rents out an entire bar and picks up the tab for their players.

Fanfest 2011 Roundup: What transpired in Reykjavik during CCP's annual fan event, including their vision for the next year of EVE.

Captain's Quarters Trip Report: A review and exploration of the Captain's Quarters feature introduced with the Incarna expansion. Followed up with a visual tour of the Captain's Quarters.

EVE Online Expansion Guides

Reading breathless guides about upcoming EVE Online expansions is all well and good, but these are well beyond their sell-by date. Still, there is some value to them as historical documents.

Crucible Expansion Released: An overview of EVE Online's most recent free expansion. Followed up with a guide containing Ten Tips For Surviving The Crucible Expansion and this guide to CCP's post-Crucible holiday gift giveway.

Ten Holiday Gifts To Give To Your Friends: EVE is a pretty neat game for making friends and socializing. If you aren't exchanging gifts with friends in your corporation every holiday season, you are probably doing it wrong.

What's Next In EVE Online: A pre-Incarna look at CCP's vision for the future of EVE Online, followed up with Dissecting CCP's Vision For The Future Of EVE Online, an in-depth analysis of CCP's fanfest promotional video.

Tony Gonzales Interview: A lengthy interview with Tony Gonzales, the author of the upcoming EVE-related book, Templar One. Included are some tantalizing hints about DUST 514, CCP's upcoming first-person shooter for Playstation 3.

Incarna Expansion Released: A look at the then-fresh Incarna expansion for EVE Online. Later followed up with the Ten Most Important Changes introduced toward the tail-end of the Incarna expansion, plus a transcript of CCP's Press Release About Micro-Transactions.

Ten Surprised In The Incursion Expansion: A look at ten surprises found in the Incursion expansion patch notes. Also helpful was this look at some changes that were made to the way planetary interaction works.

Thanks for a wonderful year, fellow EVE Online fans!

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