Your New Snaggletooth Awaits!

by: Taea

They are our mortal enemy. They destroyed our home world, forcing us to run to the far reaches of the universe. But we can fight back. We can take what's strongest from this

enemy and absorb it into ourselves. We can become Thrax hybrids, and be better, faster and deadlier.

Previous experiments with the human genes by AFS Command have resulted in both Forean and

Brann hybrid clones. The ability to create a Thrax/Human hybrid must be unlocked through a mission series available in the late 30's, that begins in Ligo Crucible inside Outpost Intrepid. Once the mission series has been completed, the Thrax Hybrid race choice will be available to the account’s future clones and newly created characters on that server.

Dark Genesis: The first mission in the series begins with Special Agent Stark in Outpost Intrepid at 1019,144,63. Stark is excited about the possiblity of a new Thrax hybrid soldier. A Brann scientist has been working with a Penumbra agent on the research, and all they need is a brave test subject (hint hint). If you're available, Stark will have you meet up with the Penumbra agent in the local nightclub.

Special Agent Capriulo is hanging out in the nightclub inside the Staal base at -303,196,377. If you don't already have the waypoint to Staal, you've got a long overland trip

across lava and through tons of Bane to reach the facility. Inside, Staal is a large circular base built on top of a lava pool. Be careful taking a shortcut from the upper levels down;

you don't want to take a magma bath. Over the din of the music in the nightclub, Capriulo tells you that he and the Brann scientist Zupa Eugin are close, but need a few more

things before they can attempt to make an actual hybrid. Head over to Eugin's lab and see what he needs.

Up in the Viddia Quarter of Staal, near the Medical Vendor, Eugin is found near his equipment at -230,195,472. He's grateful that you showed up and gives you 3800 credits

and choice of consumable. He now offers you The Gene Machine. His equipment is nearly serviceable, but he needs a few more parts to get it up to speed. His

acquaintances with the Labbna Syndicate are master salvagers, and should have everything he needs.

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Finding Treasure in the Trash

The salvage yard is outside the base in the open air. Grupa Rigs is found near the waypoint here at -392,249,276. He gives you permission to search through the piles of junk

to get what you need. The items on your list can be found randomly throughout the area as useable items on the ground; the following list is where we found ours.

  • Biological Diagnostic Unit at -437,249,263
  • Rendylitic Calibrator at -431,250,276
  • Power Cells at -446,250,273 : -399,249,221 : -419,251,257

When you have everything on your list, hop in the waypoint and return to Staal to deliver the parts to Eugin in the medical lab. With these final pieces, the Splicing Unit should

be up and running shortly. For completing this portion of the mission series, you receive 5700 credits and choice of Pulse Rifle, Sonic Launcher, Cryo Net Gun or Virulent Leech


Designer Genes: Scientist Eugin is ready with more work for you. With the machine up and running, all they need are some pure Thrax DNA samples to

work with. Not just any Bane will do, only the Top Officers with the strongest genes will do. Head out into the Fort Intrepid area and begin looking for the large Bane groups with a

Boss leading them. The individual Named Bane at the CPs do not work. You can repeat the kill to get your DNA samples, so acquiring them is not too difficult if you circle through

the spawn points. Several of them are: Inquisitor Braak wandering around 637,168,554; Taskmaster Druul near 424,169,693, Executioner Derge at 948,171,714. Return to Eugin in

Staal with your 5 DNA samples to receive his thanks, 7600 credits and choice of Graviton Gloves, or Motor Assist/Reflective/Hazmat Vest.

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Genome Map Location

Genome Sweet Genome: Scientist Eugin lets you know that there is one final piece of the puzzle to acquire. A Bane Laboratory inside Khulago Base

contains the data on the Thrax Genome. Take the intrusion program created by the Penumbra Group to access the computers there. The laboratory entrance is in the far western

side of Khulago Base, through a doorway at 276,160,-370. Watch the mass of Juggernaughts that guard the pathways getting here. If needed, you can jump up on top of the walls

and run along the top edge of the base to avoid most of the fights. Through the doorway you'll enter a circular room with a teleporter dominating the center, and several Kael and

others to kill first. Step in to the teleporter to be greeted by a bunch of surprised Bane, then jog down the path. Be prepared for more Bane in this next room, then make your way

through to Skeev's room at -124,200,-288.

Thrax Overseer Skeev remembers you from Foreas, and isn't terribly pleased to see you again (I don't blame him, he looks a little torn up right now). Advance the mission goal

and be prepared for a super quick attack from Skeev. Kill him, then step up to the computer in the center of the room. Upload your intrusion program, retrieve the Genome Map,

then beat feet back to Staal before any of the Bane in the sleeping pods wake up.

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Approaching Skeev

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Skeev Wrapped in Bandages

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Approaching Skeev

Eugin is thoroughly impressed that you were able to retrieve the data, and sends you back to the nightclub to let Special Agent Capriulo of your progress. Capriulo thanks you

for your efforts to make Thrax hybrids a reality. You have received authorization to create Thrax Hybrids, along with a Clone Credit. Congratulations! Want to know what you have to

look forward to? See the screenshots below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016