by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Deep in the heart of Bane controlled territory, the Timora Mines provide a critical fuel source for the continuation of operations against AFS soldiers. Ranger forces have infiltrated this production center and with your assistance intend to sabotage it delivering a crippling blow to Bane industry. You and your squad will attempt to destroy fuel pumps, escort friendly soldiers, and assassinate key officers to insure this fueling base stays out of commission permanently. 

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Before you even begin your long journey to the southern end of Concorida divide, make sure to stop off at Foreas Base in the command center and see Cmd. Sgt. Simpson in the command center around -34.6, 121.1, 426.8. He'll start you off with two missions: Timora Mines: Central Bound Patrol and Fuel Lake Sabotage.  Also Base Commander Marquette for Mining for Information (which you'll get as a radio mission if you forget it). If you haven't done it already, you can start the Forean Hybrid access mission with Elder Q'uoa in Thoria Das at 210,167,944. The Stolen History portion of the mission requires an update inside Timora.

Make your way through the eastern or western trenches until you reach the southern portion of Divide.  I personally found the eastern easier as they were wider but there is a lot more activity going on and you could run into Meatgrinder. 

You'll find the entrance to Timora Mines around -574.3, 188.6, -1145.8 past some light resistance and a pair of artillery pieces.  Once inside you'll update Timora Mines: Central Bound Patrol with Field Ranger Kearney at -136.9, 205.6, 518.2 and he'll ask you to escort a few men inside.  You'll want to grab Climbing the Corporate Ladder from Sergeant Pastre behind Kearney who will ask you to kill a few named Bane.  Across from Pastre is Field Ranger Morrow who will give you Disable Production in the Mines.  If you didn't grab Mining for Information, you should get a radio mission offering it. 

Disable Production for the mines requires you to bomb drills and destroy fuel pumps. As you leave the hallway area in the starting area and turn right you'll see the first drill you need to bomb at -214.8, 201.5, 456.6. Use an explosive on the red circle and you have one down. Continue along the path to the south and you'll see a bunker up on your left around -241.9, 217.9, 289.3. Inside you'll find one of the named Bane you'll need for Climbing the Corporate Ladder. West of here is Predator Bay, which spawns a bunch of, you guessed it, Predators. Various other Bane are here as well. Fight your way to the far side of predator bay and find some crates to loot, including one at -417,220,283 that contains the Forean Map Cipher for Stolen History. Follow the trail back towards the entrance and head east this time instead of west and you'll notice two more drills at -77.3, 199.6, 393.7 and -90.2, 194.6, 325.0. If you look in the pit in the center you'll also see a third drill you can destroy.

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Continue on through the tunnel which will wind through a small complex (packed with Bane) and bring you to another opening. When you exit the complex you'll be in Fuel Bore Grotto which has paths circling a pool. Pick a path (or jump into the pool) and make your way forward. You'll see five of the fuel pumps sitting around a platform so destroy them at range with a rifle or up close with something larger. After destroying the pumps move through another tunnel where you'll most certainly encounter a variety of resistance. Around 56.6, 145.6, 50.0, you'll find your contact Field Ranger Sanchez to complete Timora Mines: Central Bound Patrol and receive your reward. The Rangers will wander off killing so you can join them or journey on through the passage.

As you walk back outside into Fuel Bore Cavern and start heading up the trail. Resistance will come in waves of 5-7 Bane and be sure to keep an eye out at the first turn for snipers up on the ridge above. Continuing up you'll find another drill located around 118.8, 210.0, 111.6 which should complete your mission. When you reach the bridge you'll notice a cave to your right around 97.3, 202.2, -0.1. At the bottom contains the update for Mining For Information but there is just one tiny little thing you have to do, defend this room from a few waves of Bane. It's tougher than it sounds but this mission is currently required for the Eloh Vale missions in Palisades.

If you fail the mission, don't panic, it will resurface as a radio mission given time. The path to the left leads to your second named Bane and the remaining fuel pumps for Disable Production in the Mines. While you can very easily engage the Timora Overseer and pumps at the bottom of this path. I found shooting from the bridge more suitable. Once you've killed your last fuel pumps it's time to take on the final area. As you clear take right out of the last tunnel and head towards the ramp at 282.9, 202.7, -245.6. At 312.2, 204.9, -267.5 you'll see a large pump with three pools around it. This is the main one you are after to complete Fuel Lake Sabotage. You'll need to ignite the pools with gunfire or any other means possible which could include jumping and shooting. Lightning has proven really effective.

Once the Main Pump is destroyed there is only one more named to kill and all your missions will be complete. Head up the nearby path to the entrance of a large building around 414.8, 231.6, -206.1. The Timora Warden is extremely difficult to kill and near impossible solo even at level 23+ so bring friends for this part if you have them. Once you've killed him, return to the entrance via the transporter in the room and update what you can before going back to Foreas Base for the rest!

We hope this guide has been useful to you in completing the Timora Mines instance. See any corrections that need to be made or something to add? Email me and you'll get full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016