by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

In the southern portion of Concordia Divide, beyond the heavily defended Bane base, is a detention facility filled with AFS POWs Torcastra Prison not only serves to control soldiers taken prisoner but is the center of unspeakable experimentation on Humans and Foreans alike. AFS high command has decided it's time to free these tortured souls and has planned a daring rescue which you and your squad will participate in. The task will not be easy, but the fate of hundreds rests in your hands, so you know, no pressure.

Before you head to the prison, make sure to stop in Foreas Base and see Field Sgt. O'Toole who will give you a mission called In Prison: In Terror. Apparently a Ranger unit sent in was captured and O'Toole wants you to go in and extract Ranger Ferme and kill the guards watching her. Also, if you haven't done it already, you can start the Forean Hybrid access mission with Elder Q'uoa in Thoria Das at 210,167,944. The Stolen History portion of the mission requires an update inside Torcastra.

Head to Torcastra Prison in the southern end of Divide around 168.5, -1015.2 and enter the instance. Just inside you'll grab another mission from Lt. Cisco called Securing Torcastra requiring to take out some bunkers. You'll leave the entrance area and make your way down a fairly straight path. You will find a number of snipers taking shots at you from elevated positions on the side.

A few hundred meters down the path you'll come to a laser beam. What does this do? I can't honestly say because I always destroy the generator on the left side (edit: I went back to test spawns a Stalker). When you cross this line, the 20 minute timer on Securing Torcastra begins. Being completely honest, if you are trying to solo this, unless you are level 25+ you probably won't be able to complete it alone.

If you glance at your map you'll see the location of each bunker. You'll need to not only destroy the Bane artillery on the top of each one, but the occupants and the patrol right outside. This can be considerably time consuming even if you have help. What happens if you can't take out the bunkers? Well the AFS isn't satisfied so they are going to begin an artillery bombardment to cover your attack. The only problem is, you'll have to move through the bombardment which doesn't stop.

The path to the left or east side leads to an area with Overseer Torqua, a Boss Hunter with a bunch of friends, at 124,69,-101. Torqua holds the Rendezvous Coordinates for the Stolen History Forean Hybrid access mission. Grab the crates holding some loot here as well.

Whether you manage to take out the four bunkers or not, at the top of the mountain in the center is a command center. Make your way to the top and take out the named, then use the control panel to drop the large shield. You'll find a medic here to repair, replenish ammo, etc. and start running towards the prison entrance. Lt Cisco will show up after the shield drops and offer you the Keymaster of Torcastra mission. This is required if you want to do Eloh Vale. A Juggernaut will spawn which you can take out, or just run underneath.

Congratulations, you are finally in the prison! As you walk in, take a left and follow it to the end of the hall. You'll enter a long chamber with cells lining it. Be wary of Thrax sitting on top of the cells but fight your way to the end where you'll see the Cell Block Warden. He'll need to be killed and his key retrieved (only one squad member can grab it). use it to open the door beyond him and move into the next section of the prison.

Take your first left heading to the end of the hall and move in the room on your right. Clear every guard in the room which should update In Prison: In Terror. On the south end of the room around -72.5, 101.7, -694.1 you'll find Ranger Ferme who will complete the mission providing you a choice of an Olympia Motor Assist Armor vest, Luminar Hazmat Armor Gloves, and an Olympia Gravitron Armor Vest.

Ferme will give you another mission called Information Sabotage. She'll ask you to destroy the Primary Data Console. Head out of the room, across the hall, and destroy the machines on both sides. Use the console in the center of the room and head back to Ferme who will send you to collect data. Leave the room and head north to an area protected by a laser door. Drop the door and move inside to update the mission by radio.

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It's movie time! You'll now see a cut scene of a piece of machinery which will probably mean nothing to you. Choose your Information Sabotage reward which consists of a Eclipse Pulse cannon, Vextronics Electric Net Gun, or ChiTech Electric Injector Gun. A new radio mission will become available called Prison Riot. All you have to do is release all the prisoners using 5 different control panels.

All the panels are in the upstairs area you can reach via ramps in the room you are in now. All 5 symbols on each panel is red when you reach them. You'll need to input the correct pattern to open up each section of cells. If you do it incorrectly a few Bane will spawn behind you and you can try again. You'll find them at the following locations:

29.1, 109.6, -547.7

-98.5, 109.6,-548.0

-207.4, 109.6, -547.7

-78.8, 109.6, -483.8

29.2, 109.6, -482.9

You'll next need to find the Airmen to complete Keymaster of Torcastra. Head to the main research room around -137, -550 and find a tube that you can destroy. This will release the Airmen and give you the option of killing him or leading him out. The last few times I've done this mission I've been unable to kill him by any means which meant a very long walk back out front. Lead him back to Lt. Cisco in front of the forcefield and you are done!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016