To be the lumbering Heavy class is to forfeit all things mobility for raw power.  You will stop people cold.  You will endure direct mortar hits and laugh.  To a lesser extent though, you will also be fodder until you grow accustomed to the greatly limited energy and lack of momentum on demand that the other classes have.

But a master of the heavy classes is always welcome on a team—offense, or defense.


If you enjoy heavy offense, you need to master the mortar on the move.  Very few times will you be allowed to just sit atop a hill and rain death on the enemy flag stand or turrets, and if that happens, expect a soldier on your doorstep in seconds.  Velocity and forward momentum are easy enough to compensate for, and don’t have nearly as much of an effect as side-to-side movement compare to your target.  Practice circling an enemy flag stand and landing mortars on key positions – the flag, where drop Jammers tend to be located, inbetween force fields, etc.    Once you have mastered that , you will be a terror that cannot be ignored by a defense.

Additionally, once you unlock the LMG you become a powerful flyswatter.  It can be hard to win a 1v1 duel when all you have is a long reload spinfusor and a huge health pool.   But with a huge ammo capacity and solid damage per hit, the LMG is more than a match for most light and medium players and can enable you to survive an attacker, continue bombarding the flag stand, and regenerate before attacked again.

And once you unlock discs, you’ve got a present for those who think they can close the distance on you on the ground and survive!

While a Grav Bike is typically not worth the cash, it can be great for Heavies due to having trouble hitting high speeds and their issues with evading attackers.  Also, it looks silly.


As the beefy Heavy On Flag role, a few things are often overlooked.

#1- You have to stay resupplied.  Dropping your forcefields, mines, and then standing around is no good at all.  You need to keep another forcefield on hand and another stack of mines at the ready in your inventory to replace immediately.    Almost all of your credits should go to inventory drops nearby.

#2 – You are NOT a statue.  If someone is flying at the flag at high speed, don’t just stand there and eat the disc/bolt.  Move/jet into their path and show them that Super Heavy’s effect also shuts people down midair!

#3 – You should be the most talkative member on the team.  If a juggernaut is mortaring you, spot and call it out.  If your generator is offline, yell at your team.  If you just gunned down a guy going 300+, spam VGTG : I am the Greatest.  But be nice about it… if you can!


In a strange spot right now, the Brute is a monster that doesn’t truly fufill any specific role at the moment so you have to play to his equipment strengths… and use some odd tactics.

Never be afraid to suicide fractal in a tight defensive spot.  Never.  Despite all of the nerfs, these grenades are potent as hell and will reduce an area to ash.  If anything, they will force the heavy off the flag, and probably do some good damage to everyone who panics and tries to take his place.  They’ll block paths, delay repairs, and generally annoy the hell out of everyone.  Use them when all is lost!

Potential Energy is the Brute’s best friend inside.  Between the Shield Pack, Fractal damage, and everyone using mortars/spinfusors/thumpers, you will become an invincible god with this perk and good pack usage.  But while the brute can clear the gen room almost effortlessly, he is not a good destroyer of it.  Leave that to your buddies that follow-up on your carnage!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016