Located east of Imperial Valley, Twin Pillars towers over the passage to Concordia Divide like an ominous fortress. This AFS base, is easily the most secure position in the entire zone boasting two layers of forcefields, vendors, and footlockers. This area also contains the dropship pad for the zone meaning if you fast travel from other areas of Foreas like Divide or Palisades you'll end up here on a regular basis. The missions in this area are designed for players level 8-10 and will take you to places like Ranja Gorge and the Memory Tree.

  • In Short Supply - This mission requires your character to complete the LZ Wildreness missions. Outpost Commander Rogers at 869.0, 384.0 wants you to report to Duncan in Twin Pillars to the south. You'll find Medical Assistant Duncan in the Hospital area at - 128.1, -467.3 and can choose between an Class 1 Fragmentation Grenades or Class 1 Basic Medpaks.
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Get Used to this Place!

  • Smuggler's Blues - This mission begins with Private Moore at -138.4, 220.3, -467.8 who wants you to deliver drugs to a few distributors. This is an ethical parable. You can either deliver the drugs, or go rat him out to Outpost Commander Taylor at -92.2, 220.3, -503.8 and complete Suspicious Minds. If you want to deliver the drugs you'll need to speak with Corporal Mandelson at the Wilderness LZ around 190.9, 167.0, -94.3, Engineer Salter in Alia Das at 765.4, 294.0, 408.6, and George Corman in Ranja Gorge at -757.5, -175.0, -278.4. Return to Private Moore for some experience and 1000 credits and a Fire Resistance Modification.
  • Suspicious Minds - This is part of an ethical parable and begins when you take the Smuggler's Blues mission from Private Moore at -138.4, 22.3, -467.8. Outpost Commander Taylor at -92.2, 220.3, -503.8 is looking for someone distributing illegal substances. If only we knew someone...like I don't know Private Moore? Turn him in for some quick experience, cash, and a clean conscience. You'll also get a choice between a Class 1 Advanced Medpaks and a Class 1 Res Trauma Kit .
  • Traitors to the Cause - Outpost Commander Taylor at -92.2, 220.3 -503.8 has reports of Foreans working alongside the Bane forces. He wants you to see Council Elder Baruhi at Memory Tree Hill to figure out what is going on. You can find Baruhil at -45.2, 68.4 on the southeastern side. This will continue the mission Machinations requiring you to kill Machina nearby and heading to the Pravus Research Facility entrance at. Your reward for this mission is an Accumax Chaingun or Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Vest.
  • Quarantine - This mission begins just outside the Twin Pillars gates west of the base with Victor Corman at -28.4, 188.4, -342.2. Apparently Ranja Gorge has some type of virus. Corman wants to get some blood analyzed but the guards ran him out of town (probably with good reason). He asks you to go into the base and do it for him. You'll need to first head to Medical Assistant Duncan in the Hospital building at -126.6, 220.8, -468.2. He'll point you at a machine that'll do the job to his left. Use it and take the analyzed blood back to Victor Corman outside. You'll be rewarded with 1200 credits and a choice of an Accumax Rifle or Eclipse Shotgun. This will open up a mission series for Ranja Gorge starting with Unity Among Men..


  • Logos Receptive Standley - Standley will give you waypoints for many Logos in the Wilderness here at Twin Pillars around -112.5, 220.3, -494.7. You'll receive individual missions for Movement, Around, Chaos, Communication, Control, Machine, Target, Here, Enemy, and Self. Movement, Around, and Chaos are located in Crater Lake Research facility.
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Attack Monarch Grove 10.1, 168.5, 335.2

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016