by: Karatta

  1. Confers the correct damage bonus per pump level gained, as written by the tooltip.
  2. Starts with only Electrical damage, and around level 23 versions of Ice and Fire damage versions start to appear.
  3. Electrical damage types use energy cells, and Fire & Ice damage types use canister ammo.

- This is a great gun, GREAT gun ; A lot of new players are thrown off by this weapon because it is not like the firearms weaponry, but I will explain why it is great, and not just a credit dumpster of a weapon.

- This is the ultimate burst fire weapon. When you begin to fire at a target, you will start to do damage to it when pressing and holding the fire button down. The weapon will begin to build up a charge inside the gun, and once you release the fire button on your mouse, the charge will be released to the target you have been attacking.

- The "charge" will deal 10 times the damage done to the target allready!

- The maximum charge time is 2 seconds

- Knowing the above, you should fire the "charge" under these circumstances in almost all cases :

  1. The target has been fired at for 2 seconds.
  2. The target will die from the "charge" if it successfully hits.
  3. The target will die from a released "charge" if you fire but a moment longer at it

Below is a video showing the correct way to use a Polarity Gun.

width="400" height="273" allowfullscreen="true"


Using this method, you should not eat ammo too quickly, and be able to kill targets with ease at high pump levels.

- Fear the Kael no more with a Electrical or Ice Polarity Gun!

- Amaze your friends with a Caretaker-BBQ Finishing Move!

- Higher pump levels do much more damage than lower level ones, once you calculate that at pump 5, 40% more of 10x the damage over 2 seconds = 14x more the damage done over 2 seconds with the charge alone!
- Higher pump levels = less ammo used! And I shouldnt be the first to tell you that the canister ammo never ever stops wanting more credits post 30!

- Nothing is better in our arsenal as a Demolitionist for setting off your Controlled Fission attack!

- Engineers will find this useful to kill enemies that are particularly difficult, and too difficult for their turrets to take down without their concentrated fire.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016