Vanguard giant spiders are twice as scary as regular giant spiders.

Shayalyn doesn't like spiders. But that didn't stop her
from wading into a massive spider infestation to rescue an
ambassador's daughter. It's all part of the United Races of Thestra
quest line, and this one earns you a chestpiece to complete your set
(plus some lovely parting gifts if you complete side quests or kill a
named spider).

You'll find the first house at Sealake infested with spiders.
The stormspiders are level 19-21 2-dots except for one named critter,
Venomspray, who is a level 20 3-dot. Venomspray stands a good chance
of dropping Lifeblood boots or a venom etched carapace (shield). Both
are nice low level finds that sell for a few coin.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016