Tabula Rasa's combat system provides not only a variety of weapons but the unique use of a weakness and immunity within certain creatures. This means you can't just run around with your best shotgun all the time blasting away but must take into consideration what you are up against.

Damage Type
Strong Against
Immune To
Physical Warnets Juggernauts and Kael
Laser Atta and Amoeboids Lightbenders
EMP Juggernaut, Predator, Strider, Stalker, and Hominus Machina, Bots

(Shield, Warden, etc..), and Bane Artillery

While EMP will damage armor on any target it will not damage health

unless it is listed in the left column. Tends to work well on Linkers also.

Sonic Lightbenders Hominus Machine and Howlers
Electric Brann, Fithik, and some Bots Beam Mantas
Virulent None Juggernaut, Predator, Strider, Stalker, Bots, and Thrax Caretakers
Incendiary Thrax Infantry, Pherin, and Miasma Atta, Kael, and Forean Machina
Cryogenic Flaregashers Nitroglazers

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016