by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Wilderness LZ

Wilderness LZ is an AFS landing zone located south of the Lower Eloh defensive position. While moderately safe, keep in mind this is a control point meaning the Bane not only attack, but frequently overrun this position shutting down nifty things like "teleporters" and "hospitals." The nearby Memory Tree is an important and mysterious location atop a hill heavily assailed by Bane forces and fiercely defended by Foreans. There are no amenities such as a vendor or hospital at Memory Tree but you'll have a few missions that take you to this location.

  • Rendezvous at the LZ - This is the end of a mission series in Lower Eloh requiring you to complete Snipe Hunt from Field Sgt Witherspoon at 501.1, 213.3. Witherspoon will ask you to deliver a report to Outpost Commander Randolph at 166.2, 163.0, -98.9 next to the medical tent. You'll receive a reward of 600 credits and a Class 1 EMP bomb, or Class 1 Armor Chrager.
  • Cache of the Day - Squadron Leader Rodriguez just inside the LZ at 193.0, -69.0 wants you to hit a Bane fuel cache. Head west towards the Memory Tree and on the south side of the hill around -279.0, 86.0 you'll find a small Bane pen. Destroy 10 of the barrels. You may notice someone standing behind the forcefield for another mission. Return to Rodriguez for your choice of Olympia Wellcare Motor Assist Boots or Teleract Reflective Armor Vest.
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I saw this in Aliens and it didn't end well.

  • Escape Velocity - You may notice at the location for Cache of the Day there is someone behind the forcefield. Shoot it down and speak with Sgt Pierre to begin the mission. Pierre needs an escort back to LZ which sounds cut and dry but could be tricky with Bane everywhere. Fight your way back and when Pierre is safely inside report to Squad Leader Rodriguez at 193.0, -69.0 for 1400 credits and your choice of Eclipse Leech gun or an Olympia Laser Chaingun.
  • Mortar By the Numbers - Aviation Coordinator Wagner on top of the landing platform at 193.2, -88.9 wants you to destroy 4 Bane mortars up near the Lower Eloh area. They can all be found along the ridge at the following locations: 1) 361.0, 99.1 2) 210.1, 283.5 3) 185.4, 396.1 4) 99.8, 550.4. Make sure to bring EMP weaponry and/or friends with you because that area can be hostile. Return to Wagner for 900 credits and your choice of a Vextronics EMP Rifle or Eclipse Pulse Shotgun (where were thsee when you needed to kill the mortars huh?)
  • Failure to Launch - This mission requires completion of Mortar by the Numbers. Wagner now wants you to retrieve a catalyzer from Alia Das. Use the teleporter to pop back and speak with Enginer Salter in the tent next to the vendors around 765.0, 408.9. Return to Wagner for 600 Credits and your choice of a Class 1 EMP Bomb or a Restore Power Kit.
  • In Short Supply - This mission requires your character to be level 9. outpost Commander Rogers at 869.0, 384.0 wants you to report to Duncan in Twin Pillars to the south. You'll find Medical Assistant Duncan in the Hospital area at -128.1, -467.3 and can choose between an Olympia Motor Assist Helmet or an Olympia Motor Assist Vest.
  • Soldier's Blood - Dr. Ojy at 155.3, 163.1, -91.9 wants 10 samples of Thrax blood. Any Thrax in the zone will do, so if you are in a hurry Lower Eloh can finish this quickly. Your reward will be 1050 credits and a choice of a Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Helmet or Teleract Reflective Armor Gloves
  • Lightbender Glands - This mission requires the completion of Soldier's Blood. Dr Ojy at 155.3, 163.1, -91.9 now wants four Lightbender gland samples. I found killing the snipers near lower Eloh the quickest. Return for more credits and a choice of ChiTech Direct Healing Disc or a Voltrox Rifle.
  • Droning On - This mission requires the completion of Lightbender Glands. Dr Ojy at 155.3, 163.1, -91.9 now wants six Shield Drone Parts. Shield Drones can be found in various hotspots including the Lower Eloh area and Memory Tree Hill. Return for some experience and your choice of 4 Class 1 Advance Medpacks or 2 Class 1 Res Trauma kits.
  • Machinations - This mission requires the completion of Traitors to the Cause which begins in Twin Pillars with Outpost Commander Taylor (-91.0, -504.1). Elder Baruhi in a hut on the eastern side of the Memory Tree hill (-45.2, 68.4) wants you to kill a number of Machina. Kill ten of them and head to Lt. Commander Parsons who is sitting outside the Pravus Research Facility Entance (-722.1, 60.1). You'll be able to choose either Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Gloves or Dynamo Motor Assist Boots.
  • Logos Mentor Ensine - All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by the friendly mentor located here in Alia Das at 755.8, 556.7. You'll receive individual missions for all of the below except Attack, Target, Here and Movement, Around, Chaos which is located in Crater Lake Research facility.
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Mind Memory Tree -108.0, 217.6, 111.1
Projectile Memory Tree (area east of ~) 189.3, 172.9, 256.9

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016