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One of Tabula Rasa’s unique features is the ability to clone, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves or create a few more playable alts. One of the ways to earn clone credits is by completing the epic Targets of Opportunities missions in each zone.

There are 10 different objectives to complete in order to complete the Wilderness Targets of Opportunity mission. The mission is given by Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch in Alia Das, who stands near the Alia Das waypoint. As each portion of the ToO is completed, you will receive a special title. The 10 Titles and their requirements are listed below.

Pathfinder: Acquire all Waypoints. There are 7 waypoints covering all corners of the Wilderness Map. 2 waypoints are inside Control Points, and may not always be available, depending on the current Bane activity in the area. The list of waypoints and their coordinates are below, listed in the order you are most likely to visit them.

  • Alia Das: 807,387
  • Lower Eloh: 506,226
  • Landing Zone CP: 153,-108
  • Twin Pillars Outpost: -138,-502
  • Imperial Valley CP: -328,-556
  • Ranja Gorge: -692,-280
  • Daghda’s Urn Village: -572,801

Thrax Hunter: Kill 200 Thrax soldiers. Pretty straight forward; every Soldier, Technician, Caretaker etc that you kill will add to your Thrax tally. They can be found all over Wilderness, but especially in Lower Eloh, Memory Tree and during CP assaults.

src="/image/view/20323" width="200" border="0">

Lower Eloh Thrax Officer

Assassin: Kill 6 Thrax officers. You will run into several named Bosses in Wilderness, but the ToO requirement is for only 6 key Bane. The first three can be found in the Lower Eloh area.

  • Glognar: 152, 238,464
  • Phlegg: 223,229,282
  • Rankash: 305,234,209

Horntail, Old Scratch and Archfiend are a trio you will be tasked to kill during the Herbal Remedy mission from Daghda’s Urn. These 3 officers arrive by dropship at Lake Tinctuan: 617,687.

Exterminator: Kill 40 Miasma. These out of water octopus bugs are found in Alia and Enigma Caves, or the unmarked caves off Ranja Gorge. Watch out for their nasty AoE purple cloud attack, and remember not to shoot when they are phased out.

Mentalist: Acquire all Logos. You have 12 Logos to acquire when in Wilderness. A list of the Logos and their locs are listed below.

  • Area: Inside Pinhole Caverns around -432,-595
  • Attack: Northeast of Twin Pillars at 41,190,-332
  • Damage: Pinhole Falls area at 406,244,438
  • Enemy: Imperial Valley at 365,212,616
  • Enhance: Alia Das Cavern at 833,285,656
  • Here: Daghda's Urn (Requires Power and Mind to Unlock) at -974,284,744
  • Mind: Atop Memory Tree Hill at -108,217,111
  • Power: Benefactor Ridge (or inside Boot Camp) at 497,287,324
  • Projectile: Near Specialist Saviors at 189,172,256
  • Self: Lake Corman Peninsula at -450,-97
  • Target: Enigma Falls Cavern (use the firepit to open the door) at -908,188,-646
  • Time: Lower Eloh Creek at 791,309,73

Bug Zapper: Kill 40 Xanx. These nasty giant spider things inhabit the Daghda’s Urn and Stone Anvil area. Watch those web attacks that will root you to the ground!

Bot Stomper: Kill 30 Shield Drones. Shield Drones are the floating robots that provide glowing shields to the Bane. You will first see them in the Lower Eloh area, then several along the paths to the CPs. Quite a few will come up with the enemy to assault the CPs, and finally you’ll find a pretty reliable spawn rate around Memory Tree Hill.

Spelunker: Explore all 6 Caves. This has got to be the most difficult to complete portion of the overall mission. There are six caves to explore in Wilderness, but only 5 are marked on the map. The 6th unmarked cavern location is listed below, along with the other 5 caves.

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Trail to the Mysterious Third Cavern

  • Alia Caverns at 803,280,610
  • Pinhole falls caverns around 339,447
  • Ranja Caverns around -486,-402
  • Enigma Caverns (use firepit to open) around -869, -592
  • Unmarked tunnel from -742,173,-572 in Ranja Gorge,
    to -504, 219,-613 in Imperial Valley
  • Daghda’s Urn around -796,-760

Veteran: Complete all Story Related Missions. As you move through the Wilderness map, you’ll run in to plenty of missions to complete. You can find all you need to know about Wilderness missions in the Concordia Wilderness Guide and its attached area guides.

Operative: Complete all Story Arcs in the Instances. Wilderness contains 3 instanced zones, each with their own mission lines to complete. View the Pravus Research,
Caves of Donn and Crater Lake Research guides for a full walkthrough of each instance.

After finishing this checklist, return to Lt. Colonel Cimoch in Alia Das for your reward of 20,000 experience points and clone credit (check your backpack!), and your title of Master of Wilderness. Good work, soldier!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016