Wolcen isn't overly complex, but its starting experience only gives you the slightest overview of important character pages. One your primary pages as you level up will be your Attributes creen. Here, there's an array of stats you can invest your points into, each of which will have an impact on your character and their power.

Attributes and What They Do

There are four types of attributes in Wolcen: Ferocity, Toughness, Wisdom, and Agility.


This attribute affects your crit chance and Spell crit chance score.

  • Attack Critical Chance Score: Mod applied to your attack Crit Chance Value.
  • Spell Critical Chance Score: Mod applies to your Spell Crit Chance value.


This is your total toughness, and it has an impact on your Max HP and Max Force Shield.

  • HP: Your available health points, you lose them when attacked by enemies.
  • Force Shield: The shield protects you from taking damage and not lose HP points.


This is your total amount of agility and impacts your Attack Speed Score and Spell Casting Score.

  • Attack Speed Score: Speed mod applied to overall attacks.
  • Spell Casting Score: Mod applied to the player’s Spell Casting Speed.


This is your total amount of Wisdom and it impacts your Attack Status Chance Score and your Spell Chance Score.

  • Attack Status Ailment Chance Score: Mod applied to the player’s Status Ailment Chance with all attacks.
  • Spell Status Ailment Chance Score: Mod applied to the player’s Status Ailment Chance with all spells.

Where Should I Spend My Attribute Points? 

While this largely tends to revolve around what you're wanting to achieve, at the moment, most players are investing in your primary attribute (whatever that may be), followed by Toughness. Seemingly, it gives you the most bang for your buck, and ensures you can deal high damage, while also withstanding more from enemies.

As one example, and as a spell-caster pursuing ranged combat, my primary stats are Agility and Wisdom. Each of these contributes towards additional damage, but there's no need to automatically pursue both. That leaves any remaining points, once I've maximized my primary attribute, to be spent on your secondary or - as is the preferred choice of many - investing in toughness.

Whether you're a mage or not, Toughness still provides an invaluable amount of sustain in tough fights. That said, you can simply invest in your secondary, which is often complimentary.

What If I Don't Like My Attribute Spend?

Well, that's pretty easy. Simply open the Attribute window (C) and reset them. Please remember that it gets more expensive as you level up, but it's fairly cheap in early-game (a few thousand gold). 

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Last Updated: Feb 17, 2020

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