Blizzard Delays Hearthstone Test Season 2 to Address a Few Issues

The ranked reset scheduled to kick off Hearthstone’s Season 2 testing gets a slight delay.

Ranked players in Hearthstone’s closed beta will have a little more time to take over the top rank in the Season 1 testing. Blizzard recently announced that a few newly discovered issues have prompted a delay in the start of Season Two testing, so Season One will be slightly extended while they work to squash the bugs. The following message was posted on the Hearthstone forums by Blizzard Community Manager Christina "Zeriyah" Sims explaining the situation.

“During today’s Hearthstone closed beta maintenance (Thursday, January 2nd), we’ve discovered some pesky sprites that are currently preventing us from properly transitioning from Test Season 1 to Test Season 2. Due to these issues, we are extending the duration of Test Season 1 until we can ensure a smooth transition.

When the servers come back up from maintenance today, player ranks will not have changed, and Test Season 1 will continue until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue the beta testing phase of Hearthstone.”

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Source: Hearthstone Forums

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