Samuel L. Jackson Gets Announcer Pack for Heroes of Newerth

Samuel L. Jackson channels his inner Pulp Fiction to become the newest announcer for Heroes of Newerth.

If you’re playing Heroes of Newerth, there’s only one thing to buy today if you’re looking for the baddest announcer of all time – Samuel L. Jackson. S2 Games have revealed the new Announcer Pack, which replaces the default in-game announcer with newly added and uncensored voice work from the epic Samuel L. Jackson, who seems to be channeling his inner Pulp Fiction in MOBA form.


You can watch this YouTube video or check out some of Samuel L. Jackson’s vocal work for the game on the Heroes of Newerth website. And if his previous work isn’t warning enough, these are NSFW.

You can sign up to play for free on the Heroes of Newerth website. The Samuel L. Jackson badassery will cost extra.

Source: Samuel L. Jackson HoN BAMF Pack

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