IGG has rolled out five new dungeons for its online strategy game 2029 Online. Each dungeon has its own unique layout, embodying all of the strategy elements of the game. The update states that players will be challenged with elements that include Overcoming Barrier, Decryption, Adventure, Treasure Hunter, Fight, Fistfight, Shoot and Speed while navigating each of the five new dungeons: Virtual training Center, Lab, Biochemistry Research Institute, Clone Factory and Fox Ruins. Check out the official press release after the break for more.

2029 Online: Five Instanced Dungeons

All instant strategy elements in 2029 Online (http://2029.igg.com) will be embodied in the instanced dungeons, including Overcoming Barrier, Decryption, Adventure, Treasure Hunter, Fight, Fistfight, Shoot and Speed. Additionally, the various playing methods and maps will bring great fun to different characters players in the lengthy online game world.

Virtual Training Center

Players above level 20 can party and head for southeastern Pandasky to complete virtual training in Virtual Training Center, which is the first challenge scene offered to masses of players in the instanced dungeon. After entering the scene, you will face attacks from numerous mutant species which have broken through in different places. Among them, there are also some tough BOSS monsters. You will have a chance to get high-quality equipments as well as other gifts if you can destroy Ultimate BOSS.


Players above level 35 can party and head for northeastern Naca Desert to destroy experiment research of the Rebel Army in the lab, which is new for the Rebel Army. There are a massive amount of forces guarding the interior. They are continuing with their research and testing their new equipment here. Most of these Rebels equipment is new, so it will be quite difficult. However, if you beat them, you can receive their equipment to increase your strength.

Biochemistry Research Institute

Players above level 35 can party and head for Starlight Mtn to enter Biochemistry Research Institute. According to the Alliance scouts, the Rebel Army has set up a Biological Center in Starlight Mt. They are conducting evil experiments, such as gene recombination, body transformation and other gruesome acts, attempting to produce the perfect biological soldier.

Clone Factory

Players above level 10 can get to Clone Factory by looking for Clone Factory Teleporter in the main city.

This instance is entered by several level stages and can only be entered once every day. The monsters here are refreshed in stages and are stronger than those in the outdoor scene while offering relatively higher experience. After destroying a batch of monsters in the instance, the whole community will get experience when the new monsters are refreshed.

Fox Ruins

Players above level 55 can go to the top of Energy Field and enter Fox Ruins.

Fox Ruins is the energy store place of the Rebel Army, so it has drawn great attention. The Rebel Army has a massive amount of forces guard the ruins and there are Machineries everywhere. It is imperative to cut off the energy store of the Rebel Army. You will get surprises by killing the ultimate BOSS.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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