Infinite Crisis Profiles Arcane Green Lantern

Turbine reveals the newest champion from the DC multiverse to join the Infinite Crisis lineup with Arcane Green Lantern.

Arcane Green Lantern becomes the latest addition to the Infinite Crisis lineup from the DC multiverse. This version of the Green Lantern is actually Sir Harold Jordan, a member of the Order of Emerald Knights and ever watchful for creatures from the Black.

Arcane Green lantern is a mix of support and enforcer roles, providing groups with beneficial powers such as his Emerald Lantern skill, which is thrown at a target area damaging enemies, providing sight to allies, and adding a bonus to armor and attack to ally members in its blast radius. His passive skill, Emerald Light, is applied to enemies when struck, providing allies with a heal-over-time when they hit that enemy. And his Ultimate, Deny the Black, extends Lantern’s vision while placing Emerald Light on all enemies and allowing Arcane Green Lantern to teleport to an ally to and shield them, escape damage or surprise an enemy.

Sound like fun? Check out the video below for more and sign up to take part in the beta on the Infinite Crisis website.

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