Infinite Crisis Profiles Atomic Poison Ivy

DC’s plant-loving femme fatale gets an atomic infusion as the latest addition to the Infinite Crisis lineup.

Atomic Poison Ivy joins the Infinite Crisis roster this week in the latest profile video. The latest addition to the Infinite Crisis roster is adept at buffing allies and hindering enemies with skills such as Bramble Rapture to damage enemies and Wall of Thorns, and the combination of Poisoned Earth and Bramble Rapture to hinder enemy movement while boosting allies.

As nuclear fallout withered the old world’s flora, a psychic scream plunged Pamela Isley into darkness. She awoke in a mutated forest, shocked to discover her own transformation. The forest mind spoke to hers, calling itself the Green. Their strong telepathic link, forged in nuclear fire, gave Ivy renewed purpose. She would use her new from to protect and the Green and strike fear into a weakened humanity's heart.

You can check out Atomic Poison Ivy in the video below. You can sign up to join the beta on the Infinite Crisis website.

Source: Turbine Press Release

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