Infinite Crisis Spotlights Cyborg and Green Lantern Art

Cyborg joins the fight in Infinite Crisis and Turbine reveals a look at three variations of the Green Lantern.

Another champion joins the fight in Infinite Crisis this week as Turbine profiles Cyborg. Formerly known as the fallen athlete Victor Stone, Cyborg is a ranged marksman skilled at dealing out heavy damage over a short time. Cyborg comes with a number of skills such as the AOE Tracer Shot and Charged Burst, an AOE attack that also slows enemies. There are quite a few more and you can see them all in action via the video below.

In addition to Cyborg’s reveal, Turbine also released a new image that showcases three of the Green Lantern’s variations in Infinite Crisis from across the DC Multiverse: Arcane Green Lantern, Prime Green Lantern, and Atomic Green Lantern. Give them a peek below.

Source: Turbine Press Release

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