LEGO Universe Screenshots Show Off Frostburgh Holiday Event

By Stacy Jones -

LEGO Universe will kick off its holiday event this month with a brand new zone, Frostburgh. Starting on November 30th, players can explore the limited-time wintery world to complete new missions, join the and take part in 30 days of Frostivus-themed events, including collecting candy canes, starting snowball fights, building gingerbread homes, earning winter rewards and much more. To celebrate the upcoming event, NetDevil has released a bundle of new screenshots. Check them all out below.

Frostburgh_Minifigs_winter-accessories Frostburgh_Minifigs_winter-fun Frostburgh_Peppermint-Lane
Frostburgh_Reindeer_pet-taming-1 Frostburgh_Reindeer_pet-taming-2 Frostburgh_Sneezy-Icewhisker
Frostburgh_Sugarplum-Fritz Frostburgh_Vertigo-Loop-racetrack_Choo-Choo-Charger Frostburgh_Vertigo-Loop-racetrack_Jingle-Blazer
Frostburgh_Vertigo-Loop-racetrack_entrance Frostburgh_Vertigo-Loop-racetrack_space-blizzard Frostburgh_friends-1
Frostburgh_friends-2 Frostburgh_gingerbread-house Frostburgh_holiday_Frostivus
Frostburgh_winter-fun-1 Frostburgh_winter-fun-2
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