Neverwinter Puts Out a Call to Arms

Cryptic adds a new event system to bring players back to old Neverwinter zone favorites starting this Friday.

Cryptic is taking Neverwinter's skirmish system and putting it on steroids. Today the developer revealed plans for the new Call to Arms system, a modified version of the skirmish system used for each zone’s skirmish events. But unlike skirmishes, players won’t out-level Call to Arms events as they will be available for levels 5-60, allowing players to return to some old zone favorites.

Starting this Friday, the first of these new Call to Arms events will be available with an assault on Tower District, tasking players with putting an untimely end to as many of the Many-arrow orcs as possible. All you need to do to join is queue up like any other grouping event. Players that complete one of the Call to Arms events can earn rewards that include a companion, dye packs, transmutation items, and more. Rewards vary by zone, so be sure to check out multiple events for a bigger pile of loot.

Source: Call to Arms Announcement

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