It's time to win some prizes! Yeah!

If you're any good at game design and live near Massachusetts, take a stab at 38 Studios' new contest.

38 Studios (, a pioneering entertainment company dedicated to delivering a broad spectrum of entertainment products, today announced the 1st Annual Massachusetts Game Challenge (MGC). The contest, open to students studying game design at Massachusetts-area universities, invites the region's upcoming talent to design a video game.

The Rules
Students must establish teams of no less than two and no more than three eligible members. Each team is strongly encouraged to contain members of varied disciplines of study (i.e., engineering, art, and marketing). Teams are to build a playable video game featuring the 38 Studios mascot and his alter ego, Mean Munch, as well as create additional characters for Munch's "posse." To qualify for consideration, each team must submit a copy of the Contest Rules signed by all participants; complete the one-page Submissions Form, which provides high-level descriptions of such details as the product and game play instructions, each of the team members' contributions, and a vision for launching the product into the existing video game industry; and include a DVD or CD-ROM of the executable game itself. The deadline for submissions is February 18, 2008.

Read more at 38 Studios.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016