9Dragons “Tibet” Expansion Released

The first authentic Kung Fu MMO offers a long-anticipated content expansion featuring a deadly new map, new mobs, new level cap, new weapons, clothing, quests, and more.

Los Angeles (April 20, 2010) — Acclaim Games announces the highly anticipated release of the Tibet game expansion for 9Dragons, a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC set in a kung-fu laden ancient China (think the world of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and Drunken Master.)

The Land of 9Dragons has always striven to stay true to the authenticity of Ming Dynasty China in both appearance as well as in the origins of the Martial Arts one may learn there. Join Shaolin Clan and you’ll have your head shaved and take vows before learning your first Preying Mantis move for example! Join Wu-Tang Clan and you’ll know what it is to hone yourself as well as your blade! Now Tibet introduces players to a benevolent rural people with a clear disgust for violence… nestled smack dab in the epicenter of a war for territorial control between the White Clans, the Black Clans and the Deviant Clans.

The new map raises the level cap to level 200. It also unleashes a whole slew of new challenges including quests for good and evil characters and a whole array of new monsters to combat. There are new areas to explore; including the abandoned Formosan Village, overrun with treacherous Black Temple Trainees, the Valley of Gold Monkeys with its powerful Monkey King, and a deadly royal entourage that threatens the region which you must unseat (including the reviled and treacherous Princess GaGa!)

As Tibet expands in stages there will also be a new dungeon unsealed and several new game mechanics introduced such as day and night triggered combat buffs, as well as a new capture the flag Player vs Player (PvP) combat mechanism called Formations.  Black and White Clan factions vie for control of three different control points which give buffs to the side that captures them.  If a faction manages to control all three Formations, the buffs are mega-increased for all players of that faction.

Slaying monsters in Tibet will require a different skill set than earlier maps, as they add “Special” damage. Aside from doing physical (melee) or Chi Kung (spiritual/caster) damage, mobs can now do one of four additional types of damage – Yin, Yang, Body, or Soul.  Players wanting to damage these mobs must hit them with the direct opposite type of damage (Yang for Yin, for example); and those wishing to protect themselves can imbibe various pills and potions or add resistance ornaments to their wardrobe to help win the day.

With the addition of Tibet, 9Dragons players have a brand new hostile world to explore and conquer.

Like all of Acclaim’s games, 9Dragons is completely free to download and play.  New players are encouraged to sign up for a free Acclaim account at 9dragons.acclaim.com to experience the world of 9Dragons and strive to become masters of Kung Fu themselves.

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Based in Beverly Hills California, Acclaim Games is a revolutionary new company with a familiar name. In 2005 the cofounder of Activision, Howard Marks, purchased the company confident that the Acclaim name would surpass its former glory as one of America’s marquee brands. Today, Acclaim Games offers only the finest multiplayer online games for free with a focus on community, playability and most importantly fun. To learn more please visit www.acclaim.com.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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