Game Director Joel Bylos penned his latest missive to the Age of Conan community today to announce the upcoming Great Hyborian Race to put a little bit of the competitive spirit back into the game. During the race, players will be asked to roll up new characters on a Blood & Glory server and race to level 80 and be the top in PvE or PvP. Limitations will be placed on the use of XP potions and instances and Offline Levels will be disabled. The first players to reach level 80 or obtain certain PvP milestones will be awarded “unique rewards.” Sorry folks, that’s about as detailed as the reward bit got.

Bylos also discussed the recently launched Coils of Ubah Khan dungeon, the ongoing work for three other Unchained dungeons, and an upcoming series of new world events that players should see rolling out over the next year.

As for the server mergers, they have been delayed once again due to the recent Funcom office move. You can read all the pertinent details in the Server Merge FAQ.

Source: AoC Game Director’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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