Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Joel Bylos is still enjoying some holiday downtime this week, so Senior Designer Matthew 'Cirith Gorgor' Bennett steps in to fill in for the latest Game Director’s Letter and talk about the second of twelve bosses in the Twelve Portents series, which is now available for players to smite throughout most of this month. Looking a bit further ahead, Bennett offered a few details about PvP mini games and balances for Tier 3 PvP gear.

"We are working on tweaking Tier 3 PvP gear to achieve better balance. In particular we will be looking at removing some of the less useful stats and converting them into more meaningful attributes, top of the list are the melee weapons whose base DPS is not as competitive as they should be. Stay tuned to the Test Live forums for a more detailed thread on this in the future."

Bennett also stated that Tier 4 PvP gear is in the works and achievements are still being working towards their internal finalization and will likely include a broad range of categories. The update is a pretty brief one and focuses mostly on the PvP content, so if you were hoping for some new news on the upcoming crafting revamp you're going to be a bit disappointed. It only gets a glancing mention.

Source: AoC Game Director Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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