Funcom still has one major content update up their sleeve for Age of Conan: Unchained players later this year and the latest Monthly Development Update details what lies ahead for the 3.02 update and the House of Crom dungeon.

In this update, players will get the chance to explore the long-forsaken ruins of the House of Crom; an ancient temple built by the Atlanteans. Locked away for thousands of years within the Eiglophian Mountains, undisturbed by the people of Cimmeria, this temple has recently been defiled by a group of Vanir excavators. Hungry for lost treasures, they delved deep, unaware of the myriad of dangers that have survived the millennia.”

The House of Crom houses the remains of an old temple created by the Atlanteans. Age of Conan players will get the chance to explore the remains and find out what fate befell the Atlanteans thousands of years ago. The House of Crom is made up of two large dungeons. One is a social dungeon that supports multiple groups at the same time and the other is a six person instance designed for higher level players and said to have challenges on par with the recent Paikang Districts additions such as Ardashir Fort.

Age of Conan’s House of Crom dungeon is not without its rewards. There will be Atlantean themed items and rewards on par with those found in some of the most difficult instances in the game. There will also be token and trophy rewards for those that take on the new challenges found within the House of Crom.

The 3.0.2 update is scheduled to arrive before the end of the year. Be sure to read the full October Monthly Development Update for more details about Age of Conan’s upcoming updates.

Source: October Montly Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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