It’s that time of the month again. Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Joel Bylos is enjoying his last few days of vacation, so this week Senior Designer Matthew Bennett once again fills in for the latest update.

In the latest update, Bennett announced that the next world boss will be making its way to the game on February 5th, 2014 and that this boss will spawn with greater frequency and with a reset mechanic for murder points that are gained while fighting the boss. And that was the warm up.

Bennett also took some time to discuss recent changes to items, allowing them to be broken down for crafting materials and the recent patch that tweaked PvP items. It’s the first change in a larger set of changes coming in the future.

“The next step in this gear redistribution is to apply the same process to the existing PvP Armors and Accessories. This process has already begun internally and we will be pushing the initial changes out to the Test Live server soon, along with some events to encourage any many of you as possible to drop in and check out the changes.

The final step in this process of re-balancing existing PvP gear will be to add a conversion trader where you will be able to trade in your Campaign Badges for Conquest Trophies, this is so that it is possible to acquire all the existing PvP gear solely through Mini-Games if that is how you want to play.”

Bennett closed out the update with the reveal of a new daily quest system, which will give players the opportunity to do daily location quests, something that he hopes will provide devs with a method of creating new content that changes from day to day.

"We are working on a brand new systems which will give everyone the opportunity to do daily location quests. These will use the same kind of automated process we have been able to add for the world bosses and make quests available based upon time and date. This should allow us to create exciting new content that changes from Day to Day and encourages people to come together in the same parts of Hyboria."

Source: AoC Game Director’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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