Today Snail Games emailed out a brief press release to announce the release date for Age of Wushu's upcoming expansion, Winds of Destiny. The latest expansion for Age of Wushu will be available for players starting next Wednesday, October 15, as a free DLC. A couple weeks ago, Snail released information for Delightful Island and Silver Hook, a haunted ship and the hidden resort town where women await to meet your every need. Every time I write about this, my skin crawls. I'm kind of sad that I couldn't find the original video where the ship is first shown, where a barely clothed girl who doesn't appear to be age appropriate plays piano while the camera teases upskirt pans.

Back to Winds of Destiny and less about how much I can stomach overt sexualization of barely legal teens or possibly even apparent minors. Features for the new expansion for Age of Wushu include:

  • Companion system – build relationships with players offline to acquire special benefits and the ability to summon offline allies to your aid
  • Delightful Island – an exciting new area filled with exotic adventures
  • Silver Hook – a hidden secret must be uncovered in this new Forbidden Instance
  • Flower Prince contest – show of your unique style in this special invitational competition
  • Path of the Departed – join in a struggle for power in the secluded region surrounding Lingxiao City in this unique new game mode

Okay, maybe I do need to revisit that curdle in my stomach, as I'm re-reading the previous news announcement I wrote about not too long ago, which announced the Silver Hook Forbidden Instance. From the news announcement:

Throw off the shackles of oppressive rules and live free on the Delightful Island. No act is forbidden, no dream beyond reach. Beautiful women in enticing dress, fine food and strong drink await you. If only you dare, then there can be no restrictions, no restraints, no inhibitions.

Until Age of Wushu becomes an equal opportunity game and I get a harem of cabana boys, who all wear nothing but jorts for my viewing pleasure, I can't say that I'll be playing it. These days, when I think of Age of Wushu, all I can think of is a gaggle of women who look like they're twelve years old (at most), wearing next to nothing to appease the gaming masses. Women aren't objects and we aren't prize rewards for figuring out how to get to some secret spot in a video game.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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