Alganon Creator David Allen laid out the 2010 plans for Alganon in his recent post to the community. 2010 will bring more refinement to the game, squashing of bugs, adding polish, and of course, the game's first expansion with The Dawning set to release sometime during the Q1 of 2010. The team has planned to enhance the tutorial for the game as they feel it doesn't show enough of what the game really offers. David also requested patience from the community as many are drawing comparisons between Alganon and other MMOGs that have been released and polished for years.

Many players have forgotten what new MMOGs are like and how it takes time to refine core aspects of the game; especially with a MMOG developed by an independent studio. Right now, we are being directly compared to MMOGs that have been out for (and refined for) over five years. This makes it much tougher to hold up against the barrage of expectations by gamers. We need a bit of patience from the community as we work to refine Alganon into the great game it will become. Remember what DAoC, WoW, EQ2 and other MMOGs were like when they released, and look at what they evolved into. We are very excited about the future of Alganon, and our biggest goals are related to technical enhancements (cutting down on bugs and refining our technology), visibility (making players aware of the game), and immersion (showing players how Alganon is different and something they should be playing).

Allen goes on to mention that an unannounced feature has been planned for the January social aspect of MyAlganon, but he didn't offer any details on what the new feature is or what it might add to MyAlganon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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